Lots happening…

Lots of quick updates as we head into the 2015 model year!!

First, we are having our annual in-store wheel and frame blowout…come talk to us about killer deals of up to 40% off all remaining 2014 models including carbon wheels and in-stock frames and bikes, such as our Blacksmith Mosaic RT-1:


Second, we are now up to date with all 2015 model launches, such as the incredible Storck Aerfast, so come plan your next dream bike today and stay on the bleeding edge:


Finally, we are stoked to be introducing Ritte Cycles to Blacksmith!!
Look out for more info soon, or check out our three in-store models:

photo (78)

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Building on last year’s inaugural epic ride, we are pleased to announce the date for our 2014 UNFONDO:

UNFONDO2015Please email info@blacksmithcycle.com to secure your entry. Payment can be made by paypal or in person but spots are limited.


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Cross Is Coming

In honor of the fast arriving Cyclo-cross season, 4 killer products worth mentioning…

1. + 2. Our first two new bits of swag are from the 2015 Van Dessel lineup.
Feast your eyes on the all new Full Tilt Boogie and Aloominator CX bikes:

FTB 2015 CX1 hydro_carbon

Full Tilt Boogie carbon – Frameset MSRP of $1999 – Complete builds starting at $2999 – Incredibly light weight, comfortable ride quality, and all day toughness.

Aloominator Force22 3_4

Aloominator – Built in the USA – Frameset MSRP of $1599 in disc or canti – complete bikes starting at $2599 – Stiff, intelligent design for a lifetime of abuse on the road or course.

3. To match your killer new CX rig, you gotta get yourself the world’s only real Cross shoe, the Lake MX-331, available in orange and black, in mens, womens, and wide sizes, $399 MSRP with multiple modular spikes included for course-specific adjustment.

MX331black 003 MX331orange 001

4. Xentis 2015 UD All-Black carbon wheels are here, with incredible aerodynamics, great stiffness, low weights, and featuring the world’s best carbon brake surface. Available in 25, 42, 58 and 75 mm depths, starting at $1999 and up. Squad 5.8′s pictured for $2599:


So quit horsing around and get ready for Cross season with Blacksmith Cycle!!

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One Week Only: Scapin Ivor GT Edition

For one week only, come check out the 2015 Scapin Ivor GT Edition.

See it before it heads to Interbike in Las Vegas for international media coverage.
More details to follow after the show, but for now…

photo 1 (10)photo 3 (5)photo 2 (12)

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#6 – The Northwesterner – Argonaut custom carbon

For Top-10 build #6 we turn back to the black magic of carbon. But not just any carbon.
Feast your eyes on perhaps the finest custom carbon bicycle on the planet.

We are THRILLED to finally, and officially announce the addition of Argonaut Cycles as the newest bicycle builder on our Top-15 list of greats!

With the pressure was on to get our first design right…Blacksmith Spacebike 2.0:



The Northwesterner – Claude’s Argonaut custom carbon
Hand-built in Portland, Oregon
Blacksmith / Argonaut design + geometry collaboration
850-gram frame weight with custom carbon layup
Tapered headtube and ENVE fork with Chris King OS inset HS
Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Super Record gruppo + cages
3T ARX Team Stealth with ti bolts and Ergonova Team Stealth carbon
ISP with custom ENVE clamp
Prologo Scratch Nack carbon saddle
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 2 80th Anniversary wheels
Challenge Criterium 23 mm tubulars


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
10/10 Benzes
Factors: Our first perfect score, befitting of one of the hottest names in the bike industry. Ben Farver aka Argonaut is ON FIRE and we are proud to be Canada’s only dealer. Oh, and this complete super-bike weighed in at 14.5 lbs of velvety smoothness.
Mike’s take: Fresh off his best in show at NAHBS, Ben continues to rock our world with incredibly light, sexy, supple-riding custom carbon bikes, utilizing an incredibly unique proprietary custom monocoque process…I could tell you more, but I’d have to kill you.




20140709-IMG_4672In all seriousness, we have a Mosaic-style man crush on Ben and Argonaut in general. We are tickled teal to be Canada’s only dealer and one of just several homes worldwide for this elusive and unequalled brand. Come discuss your own Argonaut today. I was lucky enough to take Claude’s bike for a spin, and the combination of ride quality, agility, sense of lightness and explosiveness is…truly incredible. Even spacebikey.

Special thanks to Viktor Cahoj for the incredible photographs, for Embrocation Journal for the online love, and stay tuned for a refresh once Claude’s Xentis wheels arrive ;)

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#5 The Smooth Operator – Baum Corretto Titanium

For customer build #5 we move to a titanium masterpiece from down under…


13886052323_7db48af9f0_kVanessa’s Baum Coretto – The Smooth Operator

Frame hand-built in Australia
Custom selected + butted titanium tubing
Blacksmith designed long-distance geometry
1+1/8″ headtube with BSA BB
ENVE 1.0 fork
Chris King Headset
Custom Blue (S)teal GTR scheme
Shimano Dura Ace 9000
3T ARX II stem + Ergonova bar
Enve 27.2 carbon setback post
Fizik Arione 00 Donna saddle
Xentis Squad 2.5 tubular wheels
Xentis Swisstop brake pads
Continental Competition 25 mm tubulars


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
9.7/10 Benzes
Factors: Unique teal and yellow design, impeccable quality of craftsmanship, mind-altering titanium ride quality, under 15 lbs built, and did I mention how pretty she is?
Mike’s take: The titanium masterpiece we all want to ride. Get down here to design your very own nearly-priceless piece of rolling art, today.






By the way, did your last bicycle manufacturer mail you a paint sample to be sure your favorite teal color was just right? Well, Baum did. Come talk to us about the Blacksmith + Baum full custom experience today – we are pleased to be one of two Baum dealers in all of North America.

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#4 The Monster – Mosaic OS-1 True Temper Steel

Top-10 builds continue with build #4, an American Beauty…

IMG_0469Kevin’s Mosaic – The Monster

Frame hand-built in Colorado with geometry by Blacksmith Cycle
Custom selected OS steel tubing from True Temper and Deda
44mm Headtube with PFBB30
ENVE tapered fork
Chris King Inset OS Headset
Fizik Arione R1 saddle
SRAM Force 22 Group with EE brakes
3T ARX stem + Tornova Team Stealth bar
3T Stylus 27.2 Team stealth carbon setback post
Xentis Squad 5.8 Silver Line ceramic wheels


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
9.1/10 Benzes
Factors: Stiff-as-hell OS steel tubing, Spectrum Powderworks paint job, custom Fondo geometry, intelligent and functional build. Plus the fact that we helped create a new model…the Mosaic R-OS-1.
Mike’s Take: This is the kind of bike most people should ride instead of an off-the-rack carbon rig. Durability, comfort, style, value and performance? Check, check, check, check and check.





Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a crush on Kevin and Aaron from Mosaic Cycles. The award-winning bikes and beard, the phenomenal international press, insanely great reviews, the outstanding limited edition Mavic bike showing, and of course the general appreciation of the finer things in life that we want from our builders. So come down to ogle and test ride our Mosaic Di2 Hydraulic-disc gravel grinder today.

Oh, and to wet your appetite, stay tuned for a future Top-10 build featuring this unbelievable Mosaic RT-1…


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#3 – The Casanova – Cyfac XCR Di2 Stainless Steel

Top-10 build #3 is The Casanova – a completely scorching Cyfac XCR stainless from the Loire Valley in France, coincidentally the home of the Tour de France ;)

Cyfac XCR

Evan’s Cyfac XCR custom
Frame hand-built in France
Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing
1+1/8″ headtube with BSA BB
Columbus full carbon fork
Chris King Headset
Custom brass welds with polished finish
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9000 w/ SRM crank
Satellite and Sprint shifters for 5 shift locations (!)
3T ARX II stem + Ergonova bar
3T Paladio 27.2 carbon setback post
Selle Italia Super Flow 145 Ti saddle
Tune Carbon bottle cages
Zipp 202 tubular rims on Chris King hubs
Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel pedals


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
9.7/10 Benzes
Factors: Polished stainless steel with brass welds make us melt, tons of hidden technology, buttery ride quality, and a certain je ne sais quoi.
Mike’s take: The finest combination of artisanal and techie – hand-built in France by master craftsmen, and yet loaded with awesome gadgets and a perfect ride quality.








IMG_4437Cyfac are one of our favorite custom bike builders, capable of creating steel, aluminum, and full carbon race and touring bikes of all types. They produce ONLY custom framesets, and if you want more, please check Charles Manantan’s awesome Cyfac Absolu review from pezcyclingnews.com which links to some great video of the Cyfac build and paint design process.

ALSO…whoever stole Cyfac’s crown jewels last week are a bunch of jerks [note: heavily edited for language]. So help a brand out and get yourself a French dream ride today!

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#2 The Italianator – Carrera Erakle (Hercules) Jekyll Edition

Top-10 build #2 moves away from metal to feature a custom carbon build…


The Italianator - Carrera Erakle custom
Frame hand-built in Italy tube-to-tube
Custom selected carbon tubing + geometry
Tapered headtube and full carbon fork
FSA carbon integrated headset
Custom “Jekyll” 2-sided paint scheme
Campagnolo Record EPS
3T ARX II stem + Ergonova bar
Fizik Antares Carbon saddle
Xentis Squad 7.5 clincher wheels
Xentis Swisstop brake pads
Continental GP 4000 25 mm clinchers


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
9/10 Benzes
Factors: Brain-melting Jaguar-blue/Campy-red/Chrome double-sided paint job, smooth yet solid ride quality, custom race geometry, full internal electric cable routing. Check!
Mike’s take: Not all oversized carbon bikes need to ride like a brick shithouse. Get all the stiffness and raciness you need, then add comfort, panache and hand-built quality.IMG_0479




For more on Carrera check out www.carrera-podium.it/en/bike-catalogue or watch the beautifully shot Pillar’s of Italian Cycling from the 16:25 mark to see a custom built carbon bike in their Italian workshop BY HAND, if that means anything these days.

Oh, and this baby is still on sale due to some strange circumstances, so come learn about the magic of tube to tube carbon bikes by visiting or emailing us today.

After all, owning an Italian ride like this one is so choice.

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#1 Stunner – Baum Ristretto Steel “Rapha” Edition

Hey Gang, been too long!
To catch up, we will be posting detailed photos and specs for 10 phenomenal builds.
We are proud of our amazing Blacksmith customers and their awesome bikes, which caused us to come up with a new rating system that will have us ask:
How many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?

What the hell are we really talking about? Well, “In an April 2014 interview with NPR’s Microphone Check, Future described the song [Benz Friendz] as a protest against “crash test dummies,” those that proudly drove certain cars or wore certain brands in an attempt to fit in.”

So we say congrats, big ups, and kudos to our customers who are proud and confident enough to build the bike of their dreams, not some big ass corporation’s.
We do our best to lend a hand, some expertise, and lots of experience, but ultimately it is our customers, our builders, and their collective imaginations that help create a Blacksmith bicycle.

In that spirit we start our 2014 Top 10 bike rundown with the first of a number of incredible steel bikes…because steel is actually real, man.

Anthony’s Baum Ristretto – #1 Stunner


Frame hand-built in Australia
Custom selected steel tubing
1+1/8″ headtube with BSA BB
ENVE 2.0 fork
Chris King Headset
“Rapha” black/pink paint scheme
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070
3T ARX II stem + Ergonova bar
Enve 27.2 carbon setback post
Selle Italia SLR Flow Ti saddle
Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate tubular wheels


So, how many Benzes don’t we give a fuck about?
9.5/10 Benzes
Factors: Killer paint scheme, incredible build quality, perfect tube selection, sexy electronic shifting, smart build kit, and the allure of Baum.
Mike’s take: A modern steel ride = stiff, smooth, durable and unique, equally capable of long lonely days or shorter friskier sprint sessions. Gorgeous to boot.







Darren Baum is a true master, as good as it gets with steel + titanium custom bikes. For more on Baum visit http://baumcycles.com/ or www.flickr.com/photos/baumcycles/ and check out the titanium version of Anthony’s steel dream bike, the Corretto…


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