Door Crasher Sale

Big announcement!!

We are having a Door Crasher sale Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday…

blacksmith_storesale_1That means EVERYTHING, so come on by before we break for the holidays :)

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Blacksmith Travel 2016 Edition

We are planning two trips in 2016, and both are now open for pre-registration…
Details below…

Tour de Blacksmith v. 2  – Italy to Croatia and Back w/ Mike Garrigan
8 days / $3,800 CAD plus flight / Mid-June 2016 / Difficulty = Medium to Hard
2015 trip slideshow tells most of the tale or check #tourdeblacksmith on instagram
Maximum 8 customers / daily follow vehicles / hotels, farm-stays and lodges
All food and drink covered / Flight into and out of Trieste, Italy / Varied terrain


Boulder Pro Luxury Trip with Cognoscenti Tours in August, 2016
5 days / $4,400 USD plus flight / August 13th to 17th / Difficulty = Easy to Hard
See full details and sign-up on the Blacksmith Cognoscenti Trip Page
Maximum 7 customers / multiple route options / daily massage / incredible climbs
5-star Luxury hotel + dining / U.S. Pro Guides / With Redbeard Bikes, Brooklyn


Contact us now for details, questions, or to save your spot!!!

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New Bike and Wheel Sale Updates

Yo friends, in case you haven’t looked for a while, check out our
SALE Bikes and SALE Wheels by clicking or using the above menu.
They have both been fully updated for the November-December sale season!
Items like this Carrera are now available between 10 and 45% off…


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Blacksmith End of Season Ride

We are dropping our end of season ride with only 21 hours notice.

Linda roasd


Date: THIS Saturday, October 17th, as in tomorrow.
Time: 9 am sharp departure from Mono, ON
Location: 754483 Mono Centre Road – plenty of parking spaces
Route: 120 km of road with just a touch of gravel, at a medium pace
Guides: Mike Garrigan, Linda Shin, and the Blacksmith crew
– Meet in Mono for 8:30 am pre-ride coffee and snacks;
– Secret route to Creemore with mid-ride food, bathroom and coffee break;
– Hidden KOM with secret prizes for male and female riders;
– Back to Mono for the finish with optional beers and food at the finish line.
Weather: expected to be between 1 and 9 celsius, so dress warm!!
Bring: Extra tubes, Co2 inflator or pump, 2 water bottles
Pro tip: 25-27 mm tires recommended – get ready for the ride of the year
Cost: Suggested donation for pre-and-mid-ride coffee/snacks is $10
Insurance: OCA insurance required, click here if you need it

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Introducing #ProjectCustomBikes


This pictured #projectallroads design is one we are mighty proud of – a Columbus XCR stainless-steel hand-built beauty that we think of as our house wine – affordable, yes, but damn good.

We have used our years of collaboration and feedback from customers and frame-builders to create a frameset the balances the elusive aims of comfort, durability, and stiffness.

Each frame will be designed for its specific user with custom geometry + tube selection included at a price that shames off-the-rack framesets and with a delivery time of 8 weeks.

Bottom line is we can design anything from a pure road race bike to an all-season gravel grinder, and everything in between, with the following choices and options…

Frame Price of $1,999 USD Includes:

– Columbus XCR stainless-steel tubing with custom tube diameters
– Custom geometry with fit consultation
– Custom CAD-design for approval with tube selection and all geometry and design details
– Choice of #projectallroads / #projectroadrace / #projectcross geometry options
– Choice of 1+1/8″ or 44mm headtube
– Choice of PF30 or ENG-threaded BB
– Choice of 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6 seatpost standards
– Choice of mechanical or electric cable routing
– Choice of calliper, canti, disc or dual braking configurations
– Choice of 135 mm Quick-Release or 142 mm thru-axle [X-12 or 15 mm] configurations
– Choice of “high-polish” or “brushed satin” stainless finish
– FREE pickup at Blacksmith Cycle or $100 flat-rate FedEx shipping across North America

Spec Upgrade Options:
– Blacksmith Cycle stainless steel headbadge = $75
– Filet brazed brass welds = $125
– Internal brake cable routing = $100
– Shimano flat-mount disc or direct-mount calliper rear braking = $100
– Integrated Seat Post [ISP] with Tune Cappy = $200
– 2-color paint job including basic design and choice of logo(s) = $200
– Velo-Colour custom paint = $400 and up

Headset Options:
– Chris King 1+1/8″ Threadless = $149
– Chris King i7 Inset Tapered = $165
– Tune Bobo = $165
– Tune Bubu = $175

Seat-collar Options:
– Salsa Lip-Lock = $22
– Thompson alloy = $29
– UD carbon = $45
– Tune Wurger Skyline Carbon = $80

Fork Options:
– 3T Funda Pro 1+1/8″ = $375
– 3T Funda Team Stealth 1+1/8″ = $500
– 3T Rigida Pro Tapered = $325
– 3T Rigida Team Stealth Tapered = $450
– 3T Rigida LTD Tapered = $575
– 3T Luteus Team Stealth Disc = $555
– ENVE 2.0 1+1/8″ = $387
– ENVE 1.0 1+1/8″ = $489
– ENVE 2.0 Tapered 1+1/4″ = $387
– ENVE 2.0 Tapered 1+1/2″ = $427
– ENVE RD 2.0 Tapered Disc = $542
– ENVE CX 1+1/8″ or Tapered Canti = $527
– ENVE CX Tapered Disc QR or Thru-Axle = $542
– ENVE GRD Thru-Axle Tapered = $542
– Ritchey Comp Carbon = $219
– Ritchey Pro Carbon = $299
– Ritchey WCS Carbon = $399
– THM Scapula CT Tapered = $995
– THM  Scapula SP = $1,025
– THM Scapula F = $1,495

Please inquire for complete bike options, or for other spec and build inquiries.


IMG_2595 IMG_2622 IMG_2817 IMG_2810

The build pictured above:
3T Luteus Team Stealth disc fork
Chris King i7 headset
3T ARX Team 110
3T Ergonova Team 42
3T Stylus 27.2 Zero
UD carbon clamp
Athena Shifters / FD / RD
Chorus Chain
Spyre 160 calipers with 160 6-bolt rotors
Tune Smartfoot Silver 175 mm with PF30 BB
Praxis 50/34 rings
Xentis Squad 4.2 Disc Clincher wheelset
Ultegra 11-28 cassette
Challenge Almanzo open tubular black tires
Challenge Latex tubes

Keep in mind that while this pictured bike is a disc-brake design, ANYTHING is possible with #ProjectCustomBikes – we hope you come along for the ride.

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Ursus Wheels

As the 2016 model year approaches, we have some HUGE news.
We are launching some killer new wheel brands, available RIGHT NOW.

We’ll preview 3 of them this week, and our final brand is…


Ursus Wheels, Italy
The scoop? An incredibly broad range of aluminum and carbon race wheels
Why ride em? Serious design, pro-tour heritage, and mega value across the board
Other details? Modern features with old-school touches like external nipples
Who are they? An Italian firm with decades of design and wheelbuilding experience
Bottom line? Add a dash of style and technology without breaking the bank


Click to continue for details on the complete Ursus road range.
Continue reading

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Alto Velo Wheels

As the 2016 model year approaches, we have some HUGE news.
We are launching some killer new wheel brands, available RIGHT NOW.

We’ll preview 3 of them this week, and next up is…

Alto Velo

Alto Velo – USA
The scoop? Aluminum and carbon wheels featuring amazing technology
Why ride em? The tallest flange height in the industry creates massive stiffness
Other details? High-end hubs designed in the USA with unique labyrinth seals
Who are they? Engineers and racers join forces chasing value and performance
Bottom line? Rounded wide rims, great brake surface, sick value…and the stiffness.


Road Wheelsets – Pricing in USD:

  • Aluminum [Tubeless] Clinchers (Alto Velo A26) – $1150 – in stock
  • 40mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC40) – $1900 – in stock
  • 40mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT40) – $1800 – in stock
  • 56mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC56) – $1920 – available for order
  • 56mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT56) – $1820 – in stock
  • 86mm Carbon Clinchers (Alto Velo CC86) – $2000 – available for order
  • 86mm Carbon Tubulars (Alto Velo CT86) – $1900 –  in stock
  • Free shipping across North America or contact us for in-store prices



We have stock of the following: A26, CC40, CT40, CT56 and CT86 [all dark grey logos].


40_Side 56_Side 86_Side

We were lucky enough to hear more from Bobby Sweeting of Alto Velo, explaining the details of his killer lineup and technology:

“One other thing you could mention to your customers – those hubs aren’t just designed by us, they are also cut by us.  We have designed every part (rims included) and cut the hubs in Sarasota, FL with the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the industry – 50 millionth of a mm on every surface that touches the bearings.  That’s why they feel so smooth!

The rims are made in Taiwan by the same manufacturer that molds the Cannondale Evo.  I helped develop the expanded polystyrene (EPS) core during my time at Cannondale, and we use similar technology in our rims (instead of the more common bladder mold).  This give us the freedom to use a custom laminate in our rims with a ply orientation that changes depending on rim depth, so that it is specific to our spoke bracing angles.  Having a rim that is perfectly customized to match the hub means we can perfectly resist those spoke tension forces and achieve 8% less rim deflection just due to that.

I didn’t mean for that to be so technical, but that’s our story in a nutshell!  A wheelset designed as a system to create perfect balance and minimize deflection, with the best manufacturing practices in the world.  Easy! ;)”

Our first set of wheels arrived today and we can’t wait to get these out on the road!!

Decals available in 8 different colors, with disc-specific wheels coming after Interbike!!
Contact us today to grab your set of incredible Alto Velo wheels with free shipping across North America!! #AltoVelo #BlacksmithWheels


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Knight Composites Wheels

As the 2016 model year approaches, we have some HUGE news.
We are launching some killer new wheel brands, available RIGHT NOW.

We’ll preview 3 of them this week, starting with…




Knight Composites, Toronto 
The scoop? Carbon wheels with the fastest aerodynamics in the industry
Why ride em? 35, 65 and 95 mm carbon wheels that will add speed, guaranteed
Other details? Incredible “trailing edge” aero technology blows all other away
Who are they? Three industry geniuses, including Toronto’s own Kevin Quan
Bottom line? Zipp may have led the rounded carbon rim charge, and ENVE then carried the torch, but these guys have taken the lead with unique thinking that stands on its own.


Click to download any of the following from Knight:
Wheel Specs / Knight Composites Brochure / Procycling’s Knight 65/95 review

Road Wheelsets – Pricing in CAD:

  • Knight 35 Clinchers on DT Swiss 240 Hubs – $2989 – BLACK logos in stock
  • Knight 65 Clinchers on DT Swiss 240 Hubs – $2989 – available for order
  • Knight 85 Clinchers on DT Swiss 240 Hubs – $3335 – available for order


Custom builds also available on Tune, Chris King, or White-Industries hubsets with the below rim prices – check #Blacksmithwheels on Instagram for some of our custom work!

Road Rims – Pricing in CAD:

  • Knight 35 or 65 Clinchers – 20/24 H – $919 each – available for order
  • Knight 85 Clinchers – 16/20 H – $1149 each – available for order

New tubulars and disc-specific wheels are launching at Eurobike this week, and right now we’d be hard-pressed to recommend a better all-round wheelset than the Knight 35 clinchers, which is why we have them in stock!

Free shipping across North America as always and yes we can charge in USD.

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New Brand Week – MAAP Cycling Apparel

MAAP has arrived, you pretty-boy hipsters.
Seems like a perfect ending to our New Brand Week.
Yes, we are Toronto’s only source.

MAAP Long SleeveBelow is some of the stock we carry, but our MAAP inventory is always being updated.

Jerseys Short-Sleeve – $170 

Contour Off-White – S / M / L / XL


Team Citrus – M / L


Arrows Blue Corral – S / M / L / XL


Team Jersey Charcoal Coral – M / L


Jerseys Long-Sleeve - $190 

Contour Navy – S / M / L


Team Charcoal Citrus – S / M / L


Bibs - $260

All Team bib colors now in stock, including…

Bib Aqua

Team Navy Coral – M / L / XL

Bib Navy

Socks – $25

We have about 6 colors of MAAP socks in stock, including…


Leg Warmers – $85

Team Black Leg Warmer – M / L / XL


Jackets – $350

Team Rain Jacket Black – M / L


More jackets, long-sleeves, vests, socks and caps have just arrived so feel free to drop by to try stuff on and make any special requests.

Thanks for following #NewBrandWeek and reach out anytime!!

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New Brand Day – Handlebar Mustache

We’ve decided to call this NEW BRAND WEEK at Blacksmith!!
Each day we will preview a cool new product launch at the shop.

Monday: Carl & Rose
Tuesday: Oakley
Wednesday: Scappa
Thursday: Mad Alchemy
Friday: Cherubim
Saturday: Handlebar Mustache
Sunday: MAAP

Who: Handlebar Mustache
What: Socks, T’s, kits and other goodies for the cycling lifestyle
Where: Another awesome Colorado brand, so everything is made in the USA
When: Socks now in stock, or drop by to let us know what other swag you need
Why: A little bit of levity mixed with a lot of style works for us #sockdoping

And in their own words…


“Who we are:
The mustache is Brett and the woman behind the curtain is Ashley.

The tees:
Because our garments are made with the highest quality premium cotton, your first Handlebar Mustache tee will quickly become your favorite. Whether you’re a hardcore racer, a club rider or a fixie commuter we hope to have something that helps you express your love for the sport.

How it began:
Handlebar Mustache was initiated on a cold winter day while driving a company minivan through the heart of nowhere and listening to an audio book about the liberty of making a living by doing what you love on your own terms. Cycling was the answer and after a conversation on the topic, we knew immediately that we could fuse cycling and fashion to introduce a product that people like us would dig.

What we believe:
We love to ride and we love a challenge! We like that feeling of being completely spent after an effort that could have been voiced over by Bob Roll. We have our favorite items we grab in our closet after we clean off the road grime tan, and we wanted to make more of these items for everyone. We believe that any of our tees will be worth the extra money you paid for a shirt you’ll want to wear again and again….that’s what premium means to us. We know about the thread count, craftsmanship and color palettes but what really matters is that you love the fit and feel.”

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