Blacksmith June Update

Updates? You need some freaking updates?
Here we go…

1. We are heading to Italy and Croatia in 3 weeks for an EPIC adventure.
Click to zoom in on details below, and YOU can join us!! Just email or call to discuss…
We have 2 to 4 “civilian” spots remaining for under $4k all-inclusive, except for flights.
FYI, we’ll be arriving in Venice on June 20th, riding from Trieste on the 21st.

2. Lots of sexy new bikes are gracing the shop these days.
Stay up with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For stuff like this #ScapinIvor…
3. Riding season has officially started!! Sign up HERE to join the Blacksmith Cycle Club.
Saturday group rides leave from Sunny Joe’s at 250 Sorauren at 9 am sharp every week.

4. Finally, we are fitting and building bikes like crazy these days, so come visit us before we leave for Croatia!

Advance notice that we will be closed from June 20th through June 29th!!

Mike, Paul, Jamie and Youppi

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Olympia Leader Disc In Focus


Olympia Leader Disc Ultegra Di2

Who: Since this bike was the first Olympia Leader Disc in North America, we figured a quick peak was worth it. Olympia have a 120+ year history of innovation, and now employ a team of 250 workers in their Italian factory. With road and MTB offerings, OlympiaCicli might still be the biggest bike brand you’ve never heard of, until now.

What: This Leader Disc was Olympia’s first road+aero+disc offering, and promptly won the 2014 ExboBici Italy Innovation Award for design. Featuring a fairly traditional road geometry, this carbon aero bike would seem at home amongst your local Sunday group-ride sprinters..until someone notices the lack of brake calipers, and then #HOLYSHITARETHOSEDISCBRAKES!?

Where: We’ll use this section to ask a query? Where…do you ride? On rough roads? In the rain? For long distances? If you say yes to any of those, consider disc brakes for your next road bike, period. Better modulation, better power, and WAY better in the wet. So don’t think that disc should only be reserved for gravel grinders. If you don’t need a UCI-legal bike (and even that is changing soon), the prospect of an aero-disc racer isn’t so crazy.

When: Olympia released this model in 2014 and while it is still a very worthy consideration, we are even more excited to test the upcoming 2015 Boost Disc model, which promises slightly lower weight and higher rigidity. However, what we know for now is that this Leader Disc offers a more traditional look along with a solid-but-not-too-stiff ride quality, aerodynamic tubeset shaping, and the ability to run up to a 27mm tire with most wheelsets, meaning plenty of versatility.

Why: We see this model as a jack of all trades, capable of everything from light gravel grinding and Centurion-type fast-paced cruising, where the tire clearance and aerodynamics would both be key, to shorter and more regular weekly romps and races, where the Leader’s stiffness and braking ability could shine through. Either way, this is a bike capable of handling a variety of ride conditions, with some Italian panache thrown in for good measure, especially in the form of the glittering UD carbon weave.

Frame: Olympia Leader Disc – Size XL – Col. 04
Fork: Olympia Tapered Carbon Disc
Groupset: Ultegra Di2 Hydraulic Disc
Wheels: Pacenti SL25 Disc rims on White Industries CLD hubs #Blacksmithwheels
Cockpit: FSA CSI-99 carbon stem and K-Force-Light Nano carbon compact bar
Saddle: 2015 Fizik Aliante R3

The bulky headtube leads into an aerodynamic fork and downtube, with lots of stiffness:ff35b92b-f370-40c4-a6c7-138a41dfd290_zpsk36q1vzx

Aero seatpost, disc brakes and generous tire clearance for speed, safety and comfort:97bb438f-f34c-4a95-ad7e-146acc380e5e_zpsbtoeihf8

Slippery tube shapes from extensive computer modeling helped win the Leader awards:d59cbb5a-0442-482a-9ae4-15e55cfba7de_zpswwnbrmctI won’t repeat in full my love for disc brakes in this space, but…they rock. Talk to us about ordering your own Olympia today, and stay tuned for more #OlympiaCicli model coverage.

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No. 22 Great Divide Review


Number 22 Great Divide Road

Who: While the bikes that roll our of the No. 22 workshop are perfectly raceable, we prefer to think they are more at home on lonely roads, logging long, comfortable hours on a hand-made beauty. What’s different about this brand? Incredible quality for the price.

What: No. 22 build it all, and only out of titanium, hence the name.
Road, Cross, Gravel, Track. They got you covered.
Custom geometry or special anodized color requests? Also available.
Fresh off winning best CX Bike in Show at NAHBS? Uh huh.

Where: N0. 22 was born from the minds of two Toronto cyclists and entrepreneurs, and eventually arose out of the ashes of Serotta to begin building gorgeous titanium masterpieces from their new Johnstown, NY facility.

When: Every No. 22 frameset is hand-crafted for each customer in about 6 weeks time, including any custom requests. With our complimentary fit and build services, we guide you through the custom process each step of the way to ensure the perfect result, from fit and tube selection, to the endless array of new component options on the market.

Why: With all due respect to the carbon “super” bikes many of us yearn for, those of us who don’t necessarily race could be much better off with a bike that offers a 10-year warranty, incredible comfort, awesome durability, 27mm tire clearance, optional disc and custom geometry versions, and let’s remember it’s essentially a handmade jewel.

Pictured in Photo up top is the “classic” 22 build: ENVE SMART 3.4’s w/ ENVE cockpit, but click on our gallery below for close-ups on one variations, and know that we build every No. 22 from scratch to each customer’s dream specifications.

Oh, and you wanted a “review”? Well, here’s the thing, custom bikes can be anything you want them to be, so stop reading some magazine’s reviews and start looking for build quality, tube selection, craftsmanship, smart design, intelligent geometries, good functionality, and lust-worthy aesthetics.

For us, the No. 22 possesses it all. In the stock geometry, the ride is fun and agile enough, but still stable and smooth, a bike capable of backroad adventures and regular Donut-Ride flogging as well. Top marks, for sure, and with a starting price of $2499 USD for a raw frame, it’s tough to beat on any level.

Stay tuned for upcoming No. 22 news, including details on when and how you can see their new Reactor carbon/ti monster in person, plus our new “Broken Arrow” arrival ;) Dreaming of your own No. 22? We are the shop you can trust to guide you there.

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We have so much going on these days it is hard to keep updating, so here we go rapid fire…

CLUB AND TEAM REGISTRATION IS LIVE: We are extremely excited to announce that you can now register for The Blacksmith Cycle Club and Team!! For the first time, we have two levels of membership and are also offering the chance to pre-order our team kits. Group rides are expected to start in about 2 weeks time so check Twitter!

CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY EXPLOSION: In the next two weeks we will be expecting Spring arrivals from…Cafe du Cycliste, Smith Helmets and Sunglasses, Kask Helmets, plus our new Louis Garneau Team Blacksmith Jersey and Blacksmith Bib, 2015 edition. Everything in limited quantities, so don’t show up in June and be sad.

2015 PRODUCT EXPLOSION: New gear from Fizik, Ritchey, Challenge, ENVE, Xentis, Campagnolo, and Garmin arriving daily. #UPGRADETIME #BIKEPORN

NEW BRANDS: We are secretly excited to be working with a number of new builders in the shop. We can’t say who (ok, we just did) but come talk to us if you want to embark on being a bicycle pioneer with one of our new builders. Be the first in Canada on a…

NEW BIKES:  Have you been to Blacksmith lately? New builds from Storck, Mosaic, Passoni and No. 22 line the floor, with magic from Argonaut, Rauler and Scapin coming soon. Drop by to discuss your next bike, because better is always worth it.

NEW ADVENTURE: Ok, let’s make it official…well, almost.
We are planning our first ever travel adventure. Without revealing too much:
Mike Garrigan. Italy. Croatia. Tarmac. Gravel. Private Villas. June. 2015. 3. Spots. Left.

croatia tour recon (1)

Can’t wait for this weather to end, and the good riding begin!!!

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NAHBS 2015

For you custom bike junkies, we will be posting photos starting at 10 am today from NAHBS 2015 – that is the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, in Lousiville, Kentucky.

Check out our Instagram feed by following @BlacksmithCycle for full coverage from the show floor or search the hashtag #NAHBSMITH all weekend on Instagram and our Twitter feed.

We will have all the latest from custom builders such as Mosaic, Alchemy, Crumpton, Zen, and many more…hope you enjoy!!

And since we aren’t collaborating on any builds at this year’s show, check out our NAHBS 2014 Mosaic GT-1, the design that started the gravel grinder category for the venerable Boulder builders:

Mosaic GT-1

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Recent Bikes from Scapin, Mosaic, Parlee and Ritte

A few new builds to keep you busy while we work on the new website ;)

The bike: Scapin Anouk

The customer: Phil is a light but stronger rider who was previously on one of the big brands. He wanted a bike that was a touch lighter and more relaxed than his old race bike, but with lots of agility, comfort and style. We chose the Scapin Anouk for its awesome value, technology and, how do you say…sexiness! The ride quality is fricking top notch, and if you don’t trust us, the Anouk was just recently praised by RoadBikeAction.
The build: Shimano Ultegra Di2 / Xentis XBL 42 carbon clinchers / Continental GP 4000 II tires / FSA cockpit / Dura Ace carbon pedals / Selle Italia Scapin

The bike: Mosaic GT-1

The customer: John is from Ottawa and commutes over 60 km each day to work near the Gatineau Valley. He was on a carbon bike and we wanted to give him something with similar stiffness, added comfort and stability, plus heaps of functionality in the way of disc brakes, electric shifting, and even a rear rack mount. Enter the Mosaic GT-1, a model which Blacksmith Cycle helped create and debut last year at NAHBS 2014.
The build: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Hydro Disc / HPlusSon Handbuilt Wheels / Challenge Paris Roubaix tires / ENVE cockpit / Dura Ace carbon pedals / Fizik Aliante carbon

The Bike: Parlee Z-Zero

The customer: This custom Parlee carbon masterpiece was built for a serious rider in the Toronto area. He wanted to replicate the stiffness of his Cervelo R5CA but with a geometry that was just a little more cognizant of his exact body proportions and a tube selection appropriate for the riding style and roads he prefers. Parlee’s Z-Zero is hand-made and painted in Massachusetts for each rider, with your Blacksmith team guiding you each step of the way (though you can go crazy in private on the paint configurator).
The build: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 w/ THM M3 crankset + Praxis rings / Xentis Silver Line Handbuilt 5.8+4.2 Combo Wheels / Continental Gatorskin tires since changed / ENVE cockpit / Look Keo Blade 2 Titanium / Selle Italia Superflow

The Bike: Ritte Vlaanderen

The customer: This frameset is now actually hanging for sale, but was built and ridden by Blacksmith CEO Mike for our 2014 Blacksmith / Beaches UnFondo. Mike wanted something stiff enough to hang with The Murderer Jesse James and went with Ritte’s Vlaanderen, a stylish number from the southern-California outfit of Nick and crew who we were lucky to ride with in November. Mike came out impressed enough to pick up the line, and we can’t wait to ride their new Ace, available now.
The build: Campagnolo Chorus 2015 / Xentis Silver Line 5.8 Tubulars / Challenge Criterium tires / 3T cockpit / Mavic  Zxellium SLR Ti / Tune Concorde saddle

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Xentis 2015 In-stock Lineup

Want a real Xentis carbon wheel paradise??
See our complete in-stock lineup below the jump.

Xentis Squad 7.5

Xentis Squad 7.5 as seen on Scapin Etika RC

Continue reading

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Cafe du Cycliste is HERE

Finally, our Cafe du Cycliste Winter order has arrived!
Click below for in stock items, updated weekly, and note that these are all limited quantities.

photo (82)


Continue reading

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2015 Scapin Ivor GT and Race Editions

We are happy to offer our customers some of the finest bikes in the world. Firmly in this super-bike category, and yet at a fairly reasonable price-point, is Scapin’s venerable 2015 Ivor custom carbon road bike.


Hand-built in Italy with a unique custom TT-Matrix technology, in a choice of two geometry styles, 7 colours, two cable routing options, with rider name inscribed on the top-tube or down-tube, all with a LIFETIME warranty from Scapin.

Click below for hi-res photos of our first 2015 model, or see additional info, geometry options and colour choices by clicking past the gallery.

For more, head to the Scapin Ivor homepage from our friends at Stage-Race Distribution, or click for the Custom Ivor Order Form or for detailed Paint, Geometry and Spec options.

Plus, fitting and geometry consultation for ALL custom bikes is FREE at Blacksmith Cycle, so drop by to discuss your own Scapin Ivor, available in about 8 weeks delivery time.

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Olympia is Now Available!!

Blacksmith Cycle is proud to announce the official availability of a brand with over 120 years of stylish innovation and iconic design , Olympia Cicli from Italy!!

IKON ADV_220714Winners of Italy’s ExpoBici Innovation Award for 2013, Olympia offers an incredible model range. See highlight from the 2015 road line-up using the links and pics below:

Model: Leader Disc – 7 build options from $3,899 (105) to $8,199 (DA Di2)
The take: Aerodynamics meet disc-braking in this Italian Innovation Award Winner
Colours: White/Black (see below) or Ghost Black/Red
Sizes: 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)

Model: Boost or Boost Disc – 16 build options from $3,925 (Force 22) to $8,375 (DA Di2)
The take: Aerodynamics and style with a choice of disc or caliper braking
Colours: Ghost Black/Red (see Below), White/Black, White/FloBlue, or White/FloYellow
Sizes: 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)


Model: 849 Ultralight – 9 build options from $3,325 (Force 22) to $7,799 (DA Di2)
The take: 800 grams of climbing prowess and lots of comfort for the way back downColours: Glossy Black/Red (seen below), or Matte Black (seen at bottom)
Sizes: 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)

849 DURA ACE_cod 04

Model: Ikon Aero – 10 build options from $2,899 (105) to $7,599 (DA Di2)
The take: Lighter than ever, and a great all-rounder with stiffness and comfort
Colours: Ghost Black/Red (seen below), Red/Black, White/FloBlue, or White/FloYellow
Sizes: 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)


For more, visit or drop by or email us to discuss your own Olympia bicycle, like this 849 below, which we built up with Dura Ace 9000 and Xentis wheels at 14 lbs!

photo (80)

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