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Super Sale: Merida Scultura SL size S/M

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Day 4 of our SUPER Sale of the Day feature! One product. One day. One SUPER low price. To see all of our sale items, click for our Bike and Wheel Mega Sale! Today’s item is a 2013 Merida Scultura SL frameset with FSA cranks: [caption id="attachment_3302" align="aligncenter" width="572"] 2013 Merida Scultura SL frameset [Size S/M] + 2 seatposts [std + monolink]FSA SL-K BB386 carbon crankset [ size 172.5 x 53/39][/caption] The frameset: Merida Scultura SL Team - Size: S/M - Size 54.5 top tube - Condition: Barely ridden for 200 km by shop mechanic Jesse James, fork cut as shown...

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