Mike's Top-10 Tech Trends

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Mike's Top-10 2015 Tech Trends 1. Go disc brake – whether electric or mechanical, hydraulic braking is a simply revolutionary leap. If you don’t race, consider it for your next bike. Our disc options include custom offerings from Argonaut, Mosaic and Parlee, with Olympia, Storck and Van Dessel offering downright awesome value in carbon-disc race machines designed in Italy, Germany and the US, respectively. But really, any disc bike will blow your freaking mind. Don't believe me? Come ride our Mosaic GT-1 today. Oh, and I won't even consider electric shifting a trend this season, since that was so last year,...

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Remember when we rode here?

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What's my M@+#!%$*)n name? BOTD Snoop Lion Edition

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So Snoop Dogg is a Dogg no more, he's reinvented himself as Snoop Lion, which is really similar to the D O double G in many regards.  I had the pleasure of working at Snoop Lion's debut performance, and I went in with a little trepidation cause that first La La La joint that he's released isn't exactly my cup of tea.  Luckily he only played that song twice, and it really was a lot better in person than the video would suggest.  Anything played with a full live band is going to be that much more impressive than some...

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Congrats Ryder

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Congratulations Ryder Hesjedal on making history by winning the Giro D'Italia. First Canadian to ever win or podium at a Grand Tour. We are all so proud of you and hope this will create future generations of champions.

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GP Ste Martine and Niagara Elite Team Race Reports

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Many of you may not know that we are sponsoring a number of teams this season.  In fact, congrats go out to our M1/M2 Vinylbuilt Squad and M3/M4 Blacksmith Cycle team for great results so far this season, including a KOM award and podium this past weekend in Niagara.  For more info on the teams, or our weekly Saturday Club group rides, please click on the Team/Club page to your left. Our Blacksmith/Coventry Elite racing team has also had a nice start to the season, though they have yet to reach a podium.  This in spite of some very solid...

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