CeramicSpeed OSPW System - OverSizedPulleyWheels
CeramicSpeed OSPW System - OverSizedPulleyWheels

CeramicSpeed OSPW System - OverSizedPulleyWheels

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Developed and designed entirely by CeramicSpeed, the Oversized Pulley Wheel System for Shimano is advanced for the optimization of bike performance. Everything from bearings to the cage is made from the highest quality materials. The oversized aluminium pulley wheels are fitted with standard or coated CeramicSpeed Bearings, which reduce friction to the minimum. The overall power savings of the OSPW System for Shimano reach 30%-60% or more in some cases. The OSPW System has a lifetime that lasts 3-5 times longer than the commonly used standard pulleys on the market.

OSPW system is available in the following formats:

Standard or Coated
Red or Black
Shimano or SRAM

For Shimano:

The OSPW System for Shimano comes as two different systems, one compatible with Ultegra (6700/6770/6800/6870) and Dura Ace (7900/7970/9000/9070), 10s and 11s, electric and mechanical groupsets, and another compatible with the Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 series - EXCEPT the R8000 GS. While the first option features a set of two 17-tooth pulleys, the OSPW System for Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 features an optimal 13/19-tooth combination specially developed to fit the design of the derailleur. 


Thanks to the OSPW System for SRAM, the power savings start at 40%, and the CeramicSpeed Bearing inside guarantee a 3-5 times longer lifetime and commonly used standard pulleys on the market. The watt savings with a CeramicSpeed OSPW System for SRAM start at 1.6 watts and up. Two versions are available - one for eTap and one for mechanical, both for 11-speed drivetrains.

Tech Details:

The well-awaited 2.4 watts power savings with the new CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System is now being shipped and the first packages have already left the production rooms. This winter, CeramicSpeed will be shipping all pre-orders of the OSPW System in the same order of their purchase, until the last package has been delivered throughout the first two weeks in December. All following orders will be delivered within standard delivery time.

Designed and handmade in Denmark, the OSPW System is the spinning proof that quality, research and development are integrated parts of the CeramicSpeed blueprint. We have run long-term tests to investigate and find the best way to increase your power savings, while improving speed. Without a trace of doubt, the research results showed that Bigger is Proven to be Better. The big size of the 17-tooth Oversized Pulley Wheels was achieved after intensive tests and design attempts, excluding the performance of the 15-tooth and 16-tooth pulleys after proven to be less efficient compared to the 17-tooth format. The 17 teeth of each Oversized Pulley Wheel creates the perfect riding performance as the chain is smoothly threaded through, making every rider gain free speed or save at least 2.4 watts.

In-house measurements and external tests commissioned to the independent test lab Friction Facts, show that the undisputable benefits of the large pulleys result from the unique combination between the optimal size of the pulleys, the cage design, chain tension and the low friction of the CeramicSpeed bearings.