Isen G.O.A.T

Isen G.O.A.T

$2,449.00 USD


The mountain G.O.A.T. is a bike unlike any other. In a world of long, low and slack mountain bikes, there are plenty of choices for those wanting to go very fast downhill, but very few for those who also enjoy going back up, and even less for people needing to carry a weekend’s worth of food, bivvy, sleeping bag and tarps.

Slam your dropper post, hunker down and your G.O.A.T. is a class leading descender, guaranteeing the sort of ear-to-ear manic grin only a bike so truly confidence inspiring can give you, allowing you to push yourself more and more on every run. What makes the G.O.A.T. so very special though is its climbing capabilities, nothing climbs like a G.O.A.T. The sort of weekend adventures it was designed for don't come with uplifts, and there is no car taking your kit from one base to the next. If you need something, you are carrying it, and you are getting it there. With mountings on every single tube but chainstays and headtube, even the smallest sizes allow you to carry enough gear to be fully self sufficient for days of isolation, even over the biting cold winter months and the added bulk this weather brings.

If your idea of a good weekend is getting lost in the forest with no phone reception, being woken by badgers attacking your bivvy, with only a spork and a fire starter for company, the Isen Workshop mountain G.O.A.T. is the bike for you.

Frame Upgrades (for steel builds)

Custom Geometry
T47 or PF30 BB - Steel
Internal Brake Routing (down tube)
Thru axle rear
Carbon Seattube or ISP
Extra bosses for luggage and bidons (per pair)
Solid silver headbadge (hand cut)
Stainless upgrade kit (BB, Headtube, Dropouts)
Rohloff compatibility

Paint Upgrades

Chromovelato Finish
Skittle Puke paint scheme
Mitcham Sunset paint scheme
Death By Mermaid paint scheme
Full Fadez paint scheme
Raw stainless/Ti with #sikcandyfadez® finish
Custom Paint (from)
Paint matched components (per item, from)
Name in paint
Logo/Motif in paint