Isen Race Ready Road

Isen Race Ready Road

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We spent years developing our first bike, the All Season. We wanted something that could be used all year round, whether on gravel paths, club runs, touring, audaxing, commuting, almost anything you could throw at it. It’s a great bike, and has served us and many ISEN customers admirably but we realised that by pretending we now only need one bike in our lives, we were just lying to ourselves.

So we set out to make the polar opposite of the All Season, a one-track minded road weapon. Developed with leading UK crit riders and emphasising speed, effortless handling and ‘chuckability’, the R3 was born. There are no allowances for all year riding or any attempts to make the R3 a do-it-all frameset. Mudguard mounts? For cowards. Rack mounts? No way grandad! We’ve mounted the rear brake at the BB to maintain the clean lines of the frame, sub-optimal if you’re commuting every day in slush and slime, but perfect for turning your bestie into a green-eyed monster. We’ve chosen the lightest tube set possible – a mix of Columbus Spirit and Life – to maintain class-leading stiffness where it is needed most whilst minimizing road buzz thanks to our custom rolled carbon ISP and topper system.

As everyone at ISEN was too fat and slow to really show what this monster could do, we gave the prototypes to local elite riders who have a far lower volume and higher velocity than ourselves. So far they have repeatedly won races at the renowned Crystal Palace Crits, and ridden in the 2018 OVO Tour Series, with great success.

Race proven? Check. Instagram ready? Check. Pushing the limits of weight and technology in steel frames? Check. #sikcandyfadez®? Check. If you buy this bike people will like you, fear you, and employ you.

Each bike is hand-sprayed in your choice of our five ISEN Workshop #sikcandyfadez® paint schemes.


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