Cherubim R-2
Cherubim R-2
Cherubim R-2

Cherubim R-2

$2,599.00 USD

By Shinichi Konno, handbuilt in Japan, Cherubim are some of the world's most incredible steel bikes.

R-2 is Cherubim's most classic and long-standing bicycle design, with details passed along from an older generation of frame maker to one of the current cutting edge builders in the world.

Typically with ENG BB plus chrome lugs and chainstay, but also available with optional steel or stainless steel tubing upgrades.

Check out our own Cherubim R-2 on Cycle Exif:

$2,599 USD with steel chromed fork and FSA headset

$3,399 USD with Columbus/PegoRichie Spirit-for-Lugs tubeset upgrade

$4,199 USD with Columbus or Reynolds stainless steel tubeset upgrade

Add $100 for Campagnolo headset

Add $140 for Chris King headset