Festka Doppler
Festka Doppler
Festka Doppler
Festka Doppler

Festka Doppler

$7,990.00 USD


There is no other frame in the world made the same way as Festka Doppler. Our expertise in working with Titanium combined with our hi-tech carbon engineering gave birth to a jewel among bike frames. Every Doppler is an original made for the individual rider in line with our strong belief that real luxury must be highly personal.

The flexibility and elegance of titanium meets the stiffness and lightness of carbon. Combining our experienced engineers in titanium and carbon, we made a unique frame that takes the best of each material.

We put titanium where it looks best and carbon where it works best. The tapered head tube, the bottom bracket, the chain stays and the seat tube simply ask for filament wound carbon due to its weight to function ratio, while the titanium top and bottom tubes, seat stays and dropouts give Doppler class and comfort.

The carbon head tube gives the frame its stability and saves weight. The top tube and down tube give the frame a comfort that only titanium is able to offer. The seat tube with integrated seatpost saves up to 300 grams compared to a standard set-up, to which it can be converted with ease.

The carbon chain stays certify maximal power transmission while the titanium seat stays bring comfort that will be appreciated during long journeys. Add to that an exclusive look, perfect workmanship and you find yourselves with a frame that tells a lot about its rider.



Price: $7990 USD plus $200 delivery in North America
Tubes: Reynolds & Rocket
Dropouts : Titanium
Weight: 1050 to 1150g
Fork: Enve 1.0
Headtube ∅: 1 1/8"
Headset: Tune Bobo for $150 or Chris King for $185  
Derailleur clamp : 34.9mm
Standard seatpost or ISP with Tune Cappy for $400
Bottom bracket: PF30, BSA (+60g)
Shifting: Mechanical, Di2 or EPS (v2/v3), eTap included
Rear spacing: 135mm

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