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 Fitting and Bespoke Services 

What makes Blacksmith different is what we are not. We are not a normal bike shop. Sorry. Yes, while we do technically sell bikes what we really do is design and execute to a customer's exacting needs. Whether you know what you’re after down to the finest detail or have no clue other than it’ll probably have two wheels, we are here to work with you. Be it a fit consult on an existing bike, mechanical service, complete bike design, or upgrades, if you are a serious cyclist in Toronto or anywhere around the world, we are more than your local shop. 

We are here to offer access to a wealth of knowledge on fitting and geometry design combined with a component selection second to none, allowing our customers to discover their very own "perfect" bike. We think of ourselves as dream enablers and no location is too far for a little radness from Blacksmith Cycle.

With the absolute finest selection of hand-built and race brands on the planet, relationships with almost every high-end component brand in the world, plus our experiences building hundreds of fully custom bicycles with these amazing people, we are confident that we can be the missing ingredient to help turn your bike experiences from good, or even great, to life altering. Drop in or fill out the form at the bottom of the page today to start the journey.

What is the Blacksmith Cycle process??

Blacksmith is not the kind of shop where people often walk in and walk out with a new dream bike in the same day*. No two projects are exactly the same but it typically goes something like this. 

*however it does happen!! Check out our READY TO RIDE bikes. 

  1. Consultation by email, in-person, phone, as-needed, includes:
  • Consultation and analysis of current geometry / position / riding style
  • Initial discussion on wants and needs
  • Discussion of new bike options, features, goals, 
  • Basic quote for a price on the bike in question, with any adjustments requested

- In-person or out-of-town fit-options are available

  1. A deposit is taken in order to:
  • Secure your build spot with your builder of choice (including expected delivery)
  • Finish the design - geometry, paint and specs for your bike are decided

  1. Final steps:
  • Build quote is also finalized based on final specs and components chosen
  • Initial components are ordered, especially hard-to-find items or custom requests


 4. Pick up:

  • Everyone’s favorite day!!!!
  • Final fit is done and finishing touches are chosen and installed


The process in more detail...

1. Fill out the form at the bottom to start the conversation. 

2. Initial consultation - the team and discuss your needs and dreams, in person, by phone, or by email. We will talk about your current bike and your desires, fit or physiological challenges, budget, intended riding style, past preferences, future technologies and much more. 

3. Fitting process - using your existing bike to get a baseline then moving to our Guru fit system to determine what we are looking for geometry wise from a fitting perspective 

4. Bike consultation - together we decide on the best combination for you by considering riding style, geometry requirements, aesthetic preferences,  ride quality aims, handling, technological options, etc. The goal? Find your exact dream bike.

5. Build consultation - once we decide on a frameset, we will spend major time sweating your bespoke build options, including choice of groups, components, wheels, saddle and more. We are very generous with our demo program so our customers are always confident that they are making the right choice, and we stay cutting edge with the very latest component options at all times.

6. Final build and fit - both free with your complete bike, we tweak your final position together before adjusting your fit right down to the angle of your hoods, the way you like your saddle to sit, and how we tape your bars!

7. Follow-up consultations - up to 2 tune-ups or fit sessions to ensure you are completely satisfied.

8. Support - aside from manufacturer warranties, Blacksmith offers our own crash-replacement policy: any replacement bike from any brand for 35% below MSRP. So get out there and ride the hell out of your new rig!

9.Community - get involved with our Instagram or Facebook communities to keep up to date on rides or events.  We also host an annual charity ride The Northern Pass, and a Weekender gravel rides series. Feel free to stop by for a chat anytime...you are now part of the Blacksmith Cycle family.