The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

aka what we ask people before we build them a bicycle*

Feel free to fill out and return as a PDF, email or screen-shot

Also click HERE for more on the bike fitting/design/buying process







current Bicycle (include year and size):

why a new bike:

your typical ride - road condition, length, etc.:

your perfect bike ride:

your riding style - sprinting, cruising?:

your power output or typical ride speed?

your climbing style: standing or sitting?

bike love - what do you like about your current bike?

bike hate - what do you NOT enjoy about your current bike?

ride pain - anything to mention that causes pain on the bike?

bike style - any aesthetic or stylistic thoughts?

bike fit - please send any geometry/fit info plus any good photos of your setup

wheel preferences - clincher vs tubeless vs tubular / alloy vs carbon / ideal depth / the tire size you think you might want to use?

part selection ideas - anything at all you want to mention? Disc vs caliper / Mechanical vs electric / Cockpit or saddle preferences

overall budget - range that you are looking to spend or limit us? frameset only or complete bike, or anything in between?

final thoughts - anything not covered above, timeline, or otherwise?

* thanks to Ben Farver of Argonaut for letting me steal his list to expound upon