First 4 photos by Kevin Scott Batchelor at NAHBS 2016 for Blacksmith Cycle:

Next 6 photos from James C. Lee pictorial: cropped-JCL_20131119_2346.jpg cropped-JCL_20131119_240922.jpg JCL_20131119_2348 JCL_20131119_2362 JCL_20131119_2384 JCL_20131119_2397 Kris lets us show off his killer Mosaic RS-2 in an upcoming November, 2014 posting... IMG_0383 Canadian CX legend and former Blacksmith team racer Mike Garrigan on his Van Dessel: Garrigan_zps42631c22 Passoni utilize some of the most advanced - and beautiful - materials and paint options: 10922043834_a878abc3cf_o 9526279530_f2bc91d39c_o 8794228334_0a48e521d2_o The results are in their incredible bikes, including our former shop Passoni Nero XL: SONY DSC Cafe du Cycliste clothing is some of our favorite. We stock the winter collection, seen here: Cafe Cafe2Designed in Canada, No. 22 produces wonderful titanium framesets in Johnstown, NY: No-22-Titanium-Road-bike-20 Parlee has built us some stunning custom carbon bikes, this one a matte black Z-Zero: IMG_0489 Blacksmith Team M1 racer Bryan Rusche on his Scapin Etika RC this past season: BryanCheck out our Instagram feed for daily pictorial updates!!