Customer Reviews (from actual people, so references are available):

"I am not what you would call a typical cyclist, definitely not long and lean, nor young and fast and yet, like many men my age, as our bodies begin to creak and my hips develop arthritis, lower impact sports are a necessity if you want to try and stay fit and active.

Having gone through phases, from doing Triathlons with budget bikes, to trying to do long road rides with mountain bikes, finally I gave in and about 7 years ago, bought a decent carbon bike with Ultegra components, upgraded wheels and spent a few thousand kilometres in the saddle.  And yet, something was nagging me, in spite of “proper” fitting, it just didn’t feel right.  Perhaps it was time for a new bike as my body had changed, 1 hip replacement later and 1 to come and i just did not have the same feeling on the bike.

So my search began…

I set a budget, and started shopping, went to all of the usual suspect stores, was hooked on the cool Italian names and the higher end American ones and yet for some reason, for literally 2 years, i could not bring myself to pull the trigger.  I was going to be spending more on a new bike then i spent on my first car and i wanted to make it right because there really was no going back.

Then i found Blacksmith and Mike.  I am not exactly sure where or how but i started checking out the website, lurking if you will because i could not imagine how i would find a bike shop in a warehouse on Sorauren but it just seemed right.

The closest metaphor i can define when buying from Blacksmith versus the others is between buying a high end designer suit from Harry Rosen or going to a custom tailor.  You can walk in, get the coolest designer names at Harry Rosen but all of the options are selected for you and all you have to do is try it on, a few nips and tucks here and there, shorten the pants and you are good to go.  That is the classic bike shop experience.  And if you are really lucky, you get the custom suit (bike) experience.

But, Blacksmith is different… Mike will tell you that they don’t want to be like the big box, high end store selling volume, and it shows.

When i walked in there, I was underwhelmed but then i started talking to them, i figured it out, they LOVE bikes, LOVE selling them and making people happy; and that is not a high volume exercise.  You need to spend time with them and make your customers feel special.

So i decided to make the investment in time and so did they.  I got fitted, was given a multitude of options and price ranges and quite honestly, it was overwhelming at the start… and then it came together.

I walked in with the intention of buying a proxy Italian carbon frame with high end components and walked out with something completely different.

No i didn’t buy a suit,I bought a bike but i got my geometry, frame, wheels, components including things that i didn’t even know i needed to think about.  But the team walked me through it and delivered the perfect bike for me.

I ended up with a Titanium No.22 Great Divide Disc with a custom geometry to accommodate my aging hips and less flexible body and i could not be happier.  The choices offered were overwhelming but Mike helped me create my custom suit. The right fabric, size, colour, lining, buttons and no detail was too small to sweat.

And best of all, i didn’t spend any more than i would have if i had bought from one of the other guys, but i can guarantee you i am a lot happier.  I rode it all of the 2017 season and can’t wait to get back on this year.

So if you area bike enthusiast, not just an aging one with wonky hips but someone who wants a cool bike that will work for you, check out Blacksmith because you won’t be sorry."

Joel Kornblum - Toronto


If you are looking for a unique experience, quality components, custom tailored bike, good conversations and a really good espresso, then Blacksmith Cycle is your one-stop cycling boutique. The team at Blacksmith caters to your needs, wants and deep desires to help you build the bike of your dreams. I love the envy and curious looks I get from other cyclists when they see the unique build of my ride. Blacksmith really delivers on providing a unique ride that caters to your riding style and personality. I love ripping around the trails on a [sweet leg-ripper] that stands out from the rest of the pack!”

Linda Shin – Toronto, Provincial and National MTB Champion


Mike and team helped me find, fit and build my dream bike literally component by component. I now have a work of perfection steel bike that looks both classic in design (steel/carbon) with a beautiful ride quality for long gran fondos. Lots of hidden details that make it truly mine. Mike was very gentle in his advice, respecting my personal preferences and needs. Great service and attentiveness, Toronto needs bike shops like this.”

E.S. – Toronto


For the serious experienced cyclist this is the only place to go. I’ve tried pretty much every shop in town over the last few decades and I would not go anywhere else. I was pretty much resigned to dealing with shops selling off the rack bikes, carelessly set up and mechanics that I had to second guess because it was obvious they didn’t know what they were doing until I stumbled upon Blacksmith.Thanks for a great experience.”

V. U. – Toronto

“I’m a 57 year old who has had a neck fusion because of a broken neck. Cycling I always wanted to pursue but had a lot of limitations and frustration with the factory  built bikes out there.
I found out about Blacksmith Cycle through my son  Derek who lives in Toronto and is a Blacksmith client.  With the expertise of Mike at Blacksmith cycle while having my neck limitations in mind  the quest for the perfect fit and custom  bike for me started. After a detailed fitting  Mike gave me several options of builders. I checked them all out very extensively...The total experience from the fit, choosing the frame, paint scheme to the final complete  build was everything Mike and the whole Blacksmith team said it would be while keeping my budget in mind. My [bike] fits like a glove, rides beyond my expectation, [and is] a perfect fit.  I would recommend Blacksmith to anyone looking for a custom ride.
Thanks Blacksmith  for the GREAT ride.”

H. Estey – Ottawa

“I went to Blacksmith for the first time last year.  I was looking for a new road bike and I had been told that Blacksmith might have some unique options.  Since that time, I have become the proud owner of not only an immaculate, well-oiled road machine, but have also acquired a CX bike and a third, training bike – all from Blacksmith.  
From the beginning, Blacksmith has a been an exceptional shop.  From the initial consult, to the proper bike fit, through the build and on to follow up service, Blacksmith has been second to none.  
Having found Blacksmith, I will never go anywhere else for any of my bike related needs.  
As a small shop, it is always easy to find someone who knows what you need and is able to help.  Mike and Paul are all about the bike and know everything they need to get you what you want.  Jesse, the mechanic, is an absolute whiz (and an all around great guy).  Jaimie is the super cool face of the shop and has always made it super easy to get what I am looking for.  Add in a wicked cool space, a collection of frames you will find nowhere else, and a shop dog that is smarter than me, I can’t imagine a better shop.
Thanks to Blacksmith for everything, and no doubt, I will be back for more.”

T.O. – Toronto 

Blacksmith is not your run-of-the-mill, big-box, do-it-all shop full of the standard issue bikes and brands.
It stands out in a crowded field because it stands for something. Craftsmanship. Fit. Discriminating selection. And, above all, a sincere interest in your experience as both a customer and a cyclist. In a city where high-end bike shops are all too content to put their aloofness and snobbery on full display, Mike and team can be counted on for their friendly, plain-talk advice and no-nonsense service.”

J. L. – Toronto