AX Lightness Rigid 6 Degree Carbon Stem

AX Lightness

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  • AX Lightness Rigid 6 Degree Carbon Stem
  • AX Lightness Rigid 6 Degree Carbon Stem

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The RIGID foots on our long-lasting experience in the construction of ultralight carbon stems. The target has been to put an unrivalled light yet at the same time also high-performing oversize-derivative of our long-standing ZEUS stem onto the wheels and we have achieved so in an impressive way:
Considerably stiffer than conventional light aluminium stems and approved up to 100 kg of a rider weight on the road bike as well as MTB, the 'RIGID 6' comes with weights as low as 68 grams.

Its rectangular profile is significantly responsible for the high torsional stiffness, yet thanks to the material properties it still offers a certain degree of internal damping, so that it not only allows for highly precise maneuvering but also to not fatigue the hands and upper body.

Weight (+/- 5 %) 68 - 79 g
Stem clamp diameter 28.6 mm / 1 1/8"
Bar clamp diameter 31.8 mm
Available lengths (mm) 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
Stem angle +/- 6 degrees
Mounting height 43 mm
Bar clamp width 40 mm
Body 100 % Carbon
Screws Titan, rolled thread
Barrel nuts Aluminium
Field of use Road, MTB
Rider weight limit 100 kg

It is construction is a small masterpiece and it can rightly be seen as the gem in our portfolio.

The combination of properties is being achieved through its characteristical shaping and specially developed production processes. Just as with its predecessor, the ZEUS carbon stem, the utmost importance has been in a construction appropriate for the material involved for an optimal utilization of the fiber.
Unidirectional carbon stripes run diagonally over the complete corpus up into the bolting flaps. The carbon body itself abstains from any metallic inserts, all boltings are exposed and external in flaps.
The clamping sections for the bar as well as fork steerer clamp are reinforced with additional 3K carbon cloth layers to accept and distribute the occuring clamping forces in a better way.

All of these measures result in an extremely safe product and the stem with the arguably best STW value of the world!

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