Bastion Superleggera
Bastion Superleggera

Bastion Superleggera

$7,000.00 USD


Comfort and Performance.

The torsional stiffness and stability of Carbon Fibre. The ride comfort of Titanium. Our engineers have fine-tuned the ideal combination to yield a frame with the optimum balance of performance and mass.

We are proud to be the only Bastion dealer in Canada.


"We’ve opened the door on a bold new era. Where excellence is a pursuit, not a destination.

We believe perfection is subjective and the rider’s voice is the one that counts. The ultimate ride comes from technology and craft.

We’re engineering a new art form, from cycling geometry to bio mechanics. A grand evolution of a proud tradition; there is no barrier between man and machine.

We are the defenders of the new standard. A house of refinement, powered by the rider.

We are Bastion."


Enve fork and lighter tubeset
Tire clearance 32mm
Cable routing for electronic groupsets only
Blacksmith Custom Fit and Geometry Design Services included
3D-printed titanium lugs with custom-selected carbon tubes
LIFETIME warranty included

The Process:

Bastion’s bespoke design tool places their engineering know-how at your fingertips. It empowers you, the rider, to direct the design of your bespoke performance bicycle, allowing you to design, modify and then compare it against the world’s best.

Bastion goes the extra mile, creating a 3D model which is sent for your approval, together with a detailed engineering report and the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results.