ENVE M525 G Gravel Disc
ENVE M525 G Gravel Disc
ENVE M525 G Gravel Disc

ENVE M525 G Gravel Disc

$2,800.00 USD

ENVE G23 Gravel Disc:

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The M525 is a lightweight, full carbon tubeless compatible clincher that has been developed specifically for the demands of world cup cross country racing. Consequently, many of the same attributes that make for a great XC race wheel also deliver a ride quality that inspires confidence for off-road drop bar endeavors.


Created for those seeking to discover new experiences, new terrain, and new challenges. Built to reflect the versatility of today’s gravel and mixed surface riders, these wheels will excite ambitious, daring and indomitable riders everywhere.

If your path leads to classics like Dirty Kanza, Landrun, Crusher in the Tushar, or a new wave of events like Grinduro, or Lost and Found, the M525 G is your wheel


There’s something about the road less traveled that beckons us to explore beyond the confines of the pavement. As we’ve spent more time off-road we’ve compiled a list of a qualities that make for a superior ride experience when riding unsuspended off-road. Qualities such as a lightweight design, strength, vertical compliance, and anti-flat technology. The M525 encapsulates these features, making it the best option in the ENVE wheel lineup for riders seeking the best gravel riding experience.


Carbon Fiber
Rim Depth:
External Rim Width:
Internal Rim Width:
Built Weight Set:
Rim Weight Set:
Recommended Tire Size:
33 or larger
The M525 takes on an all new construction with additional features that replace the beloved ENVE M50. When designing the M525, the primary goal was to reset the consideration set for ride quality from a lightweight cross-country race wheel. The result is a wheel that strikes a fine balance between weight savings, vertical compliance, and strength. The M525 is available in both 700c (29”) and 650b (27.5”) diameters and an inner rim width of 25mm. The M525 performs extremely well with modern tubeless tires that have been designed for activities ranging from gravel riding to cross country mountain bike racing. As such, if you’re tire preference falls on the small end of the spectrum or 32c or larger, then the M525 should be your wheelset of choice. In addition to a lightweight, high volume construction, the M525 features ENVE’s light weight anti-pinch flat technology referred to as Wide Hookless Beads. This technology is valuable considering that the number one cause of a mechanical on gravel roads is a flat tire. Lack of suspension and lower volume tires mean that your tires must perform above and beyond to ensure you make it back home after a long day on the dusty road. The Wide Hookless Bead technology featured on the M525 provides a compliant bumper for the tire in the instance of the tire bottoming out on the rim – ultimately preventing a pinch flat.