ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher
ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher
ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher
ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher
ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher

ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher

$2,900.00 USD

ENVE SES 2.2 Clincher Pricing:

Chris King R45 Hubs = $3200 USD
Chris King R45 Ceramic Hubs = $3400 USD
DT Swiss 240 Hubs = $2900 USD
DT Swiss 180 Hubs = $3475 USD
ENVE Carbon Hubs = $3500 USD
Tune Mig 70 / Mag 170 Hubs = $3000 USD
Tune Mig 45 / Mag 150 Hubs = $3400 USD

* All wheelsets include: ENVE QR Skewers, ENVE Brake Pads, and Rim Strips


An SES featured climbing wheel featuring the latest in ENVE brake track technology, available as a tubeless clincher or tubular


Climbing specialists seeking a wheelset that inspires confidence regardless of terrain or weather conditions


To give you and the climbing specialists on Team Dimension Data–Qhubeka every advantage when riding through mountainous terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.


Carbon Fiber
Rim Depth:
25 / 25
Internal Rim Width:
18.5 / 18.5
External Rim Width:
27 / 27
608 / 608
Built Weight:
1375 with DT 240 Hubs
Rim Weight:
410 / 410
Recommended Tire Size:

The Smart ENVE System 2.2 is the ultimate climbing wheel with aerodynamic properties that refine stability in the most extreme wind and weather conditions. As such, lightweight trumps drag reduction with the SES 2.2. The SES 2.2 underwent in-frame development in the Mercedes GP-Petronas wind tunnel in order to define the final shape of the rim. Unlike the other SES wheel sets, the SES 2.2 features the same rim geometry front to rear whereas its SES counterparts have dissimilar rim width and depth front to rear in order to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. In terms of tire fitment, the SES 2.2 is developed to be used with 25mm tires and the clincher version of the rims is tubeless compatible. Because the SES 2.2 is designed to be ridden through the mountains, it was important up the performance levels of our molded brake track texture technology. As such, the SES 2.2 is the first SES rim to feature our new molded in brake track texture. This new brake track texture improves braking performance by as much as 30% over the previous brake track and performs as well in wet conditions as it does in dry. Each SES 2.2 wheel set includes 2 pair of our new black brake pads which have been specially formulated to improve braking power, modulation, and wet weather performance. The combination of the new brake track and black brake pad compound deliver the ultimate in rim brake technology. The SES 2.2 debuted in the pro peloton at the 2015 Tour de France under Team Dimension Data (formerly Team MTN-Qhubeka).