ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher
ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher
ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher
ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher

ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher

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ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher Pricing:

Chris King R45 Disc Hubs = $3050 USD
Chris King R45 Disc Ceramic Hubs = $3150 USD
DT Swiss 240 Disc Hubs = $2900 USD
Tune King / Kong Hubs = $3000 USD

* All wheelsets include: ENVE QR Skewers, ENVE Brake Pads, and Rim Strips


A revolutionary new disc brake specific, aerodynamic, carbon fiber triathlon and time trial wheelset. The SES 7.8 Disc is both aerodynamically and structurally optimized for use with disc brakes.


Road racers and triathletes on modern disc brake equipped aero road and triathlon bikes will benefit from the SES 7.8 Disc's reduced drag, light weight, and rim shape optimized for larger volume road tires


Many modern road bikes are now equipped with disc brakes and the triathlon superbikes of tomorrow will be as well. The elimination of a braking surface opens up the realm of aerodynamic and structural possibilities. When you don't have to engineer a flat braking surface that must manage high temperatures from braking you can reduce the rim's weight, adjust the rim shape for improved aerodynamics and provide better tubeless performance.


Carbon Fiber
Rim Depth:
70 / 78
Internal Rim Width:
19 / 19
External Rim Width:
29 / 27.5
516 / 504
Built Weight:
1711 with DT Swiss 240 Hubs
Rim Weight:
514 / 549
Recommended Tire Size:

Disc brakes are beginning to appear on the most aerodynamic bikes in the world and the SES 7.8 is ready. While most wheel manufacturers simply repurpose their rim brake optimized wheel models into disc brake wheels by covering brake tracks with decals and adding disc hubs and more spokes, this leaves substantial amounts of performance on the table. Removing the constraints of a braking surface on the rim allow us to completely rethink the shape of the rim and more specifically the brake track area itself. The SES 7.8 Disc features patented SES rim curvature that has been optimized for disc brakes. Additionally, the SES 7.8 Disc carbon fiber clinchers and tubulars are much lighter because the material used for heat management has been eliminated. With no braking surface, the rim can be made more aerodynamically efficient and impact resistant. Finally, the SES 7.8 carbon clincher is tubeless compatible and can also be run with standard inner tubes and tires. Like all of the current generation SES carbon clinchers and tubulars, the SES 7.8 Disc has been aerodynamically optimized around fast rolling 25mm tires.

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