HiFi EP 38mm Carbon
HiFi EP 38mm Carbon
HiFi EP 38mm Carbon
HiFi EP 38mm Carbon
HiFi EP 38mm Carbon
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HiFi EP 38mm Carbon

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Turn the table on your competition with a technically balanced wheel.

Available in clincher and tubular, for both road and disc!!

Lightweight with a 38mm wind-cheating aero profile, the EP lets you jam up climbs and fly on the flats. Spin up to speed quickly and then carve confidently through corners on a 25mm wide platform. With midrange depth, the EPs are stable in crosswinds and on blustery days — so they’re a great choice for lighter riders or comfort seekers. The extremely high-grade carbon fiber we use is terrific at heat resistance and dissipation. All HiFi rim brake carbon fiber wheelsets are certified by SwissStop for use with their Yellow and Black Prince pads.

Genres: Get creative. Mix an EP front wheel with a deeper rear rim, like the LP, or even the 8-TRACK for TTs or triathlons. And rock the pair in road races, climbing TTs or crits. We also offer the EP X, for crushing it on the cyclocross course.

Cyclocross, Anyone? The EP X

Whether you’re running cantis or disc brakes — the EP X wheelset is also one of the best cyclocross wheelsets available at any price. The EP rim depth is ideal to provide mud shedding and aerodynamic advantage, but without the extra bulk of a deeper profile — you’ll be running with that bike on your shoulder, after all.

After plenty of testing, we’ve found the 2x front and 3x rear spoke patterns to provide both improved durability and better ride quality over nasty, bumpy surfaces. We lace them up with top-tier spokes for the ideal blend of lightweight, high strength and sublime ride quality.

EP Liner Notes

Rim depth: 38mm
Rim width: 25mm
Hubs: HiFi Fidelity 11 speed and HiFi Fidelity Disc 11 speed hubs with Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light. All hubs come with spacer for 8/9/10 speeds. Campagnolo free hubs available.
Spokes: 18h / 24h 2:1 ratio rear (16 2x on Drive Side, 8 straight pull radial on Non-Drive Side). X cyclocross (24h 2x / 28h 3x) builds also available.
Wheel Weight (tubulars): 1230g (SL) | 1370g (X)
Discipline: The EPs make great front wheels for triathlons and time trials, they’re excellent for criteriums and road races of all types, and they’re super fast uphill! The EP X is built with extra crossed spokes and is our superstar cyclocross wheel.
Recommended Max. Rider Weight: 220lbs (EP X available for heavier riders)
MSRP: $1549 non-disc w/ carbon brake pads

*For riders over 220 lbs, or rock stars who want a stiffer, stronger ride, HiFi offers the EP X — which is also one of the best cyclocross wheels on the planet.

Tire choice: Our 25mm wide EP rims require a 22mm or wider road tire. In this case, fatter is better. It means lower rolling resistance, greater comfort and more speed. Using a narrower tire voids the HiFi warranty.

EP Tubular SL or Tubular X - $1549 USD
EP Tubular Disc - $1629 USD
EP Clincher X - $1845 USD
EP Clincher Disc - $1899 USD

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