HiFi Mix Master Alloy Disc Tubular
HiFi Mix Master Alloy Disc Tubular
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HiFi Mix Master Alloy Disc Tubular

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Let your ride imagination run wild on MixMaster tubulars. Cyclocross. Gravel-grinder adventures. MixMasters are built to handle the freak beats. With a wider, more shallow aluminum rim bed than a typical road rim, they are ideal for fat-bottomed tubular tires (28mm is the minimum recommended width). Yet at just 1400g, MixMasters take the weight off your shoulder as you leap across barriers and ascend stairways — and they don’t sacrifice strength, performance or durability to get there. Aluminum rims are a great choice for wet and wild conditions, and we even offer a disc-brake option for the vanguard.

All of our HiFi Fidelity hubs come with 11-speed freehub bodies and a spacer for those on 8, 9 or 10 speed. Fear not: these are future proof (or at least future resistant)!

Genres: Anything where you’ll be getting dirty.

MixMaster Disc!

If you really want to mix it up, the MixMaster Disc alloy tubulars are light, fast and ultra versatile, thanks to the Fidelity disc hub. Throw em on a disc-brake equipped road or CX bike, or even to serve light duty on your 29er. The wheels convert between quick release and thru-axle, and the QRs and end caps to switch from one to the other are all included. Want to run 11-speed Campy disc, or SRAM XD? You can do that too!

MixMaster Liner Notes

Rim depth: 21mm
Rim width: 23mm
Hubs: HiFi Fidelity 11 speed and HiFi Fidelity Disc 11 speed hubs with Japanese stainless steel bearings. Durable, dependable and light. All hubs come with spacer for 8/9/10 speeds. Campagnolo free hubs available.
Spokes: X cyclocross (24h 2x / 28h 3x). Custom builds available.
Wheel Weight: 1520g (MixMaster Disc)
Discipline: The MixMaster wheels are ideally suited to cyclocross, gravel grinders and mixed-terrain adventures.
MSRP: $799 | w/ extra spokes and styling quick releases

Tire choice: We suggest using a 25mm or wider tire with our MixMaster tubular rims. The rim (and tire-gluing) profile is ideally suited for wider tires.

Note: Red rims in Photo 2 are prototypes. Stock wheels are black only.

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