Rondo Ruut AL
Rondo Ruut AL

Rondo Ruut AL

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The Ruut range was born from the need to have a REALY versatile bike. One that would be comfortable enough for backpacking and long distance riding, but at the same time would retain a clearly sporty character.

The most significant innovation is the award winning, carbon TwinTip fork that allows  you to adjust the geometry to your personal preferences and riding style. The HI position setting, with steeper angles, smaller trail and a lower riding position will be the choice for racing and dynamic, sporty riding. The alternative fork setting gives the bike slacker angles, longer trail and a slightly more relaxed riding position, making it ideal for long distance adventure riding, endurance training or commuting. Go fast or go long. You choose. 

All the fender, rack and cargo mounts that you need and bomb proof drivetrain packed in a light yet wrecking ball-tough frame. Hardcore commuter, training partner, adventure seeker and even a cyclocross racer - all in one.

All that for the price of a good whisky.

Pricing is for the complete bike as pictured


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