Schmolke TLO45C Clincher Wheels

Schmolke TLO45C Clincher Wheels

$2,865.00 USD

Schmolke TLO45C clincher wheels

Wheelset weight = from 1160 grams / Price = $2,865 USD
Tune Mig 45 + Mag 150 hubs / Sapim CX-Rays
Colors = Rims in choice of black, red or white logos
Hubs = Black, silver, blue, green, red, gold and more

We will contact you after checkout to confirm your color and spec options.

Please inquire for alternate hub options!!

Schmolke Wheelset and Rim general info: 

1. Delivery lead time: All rims are in stock and can be shipped the following workday after order was placed. Please allow 7 days delivery lead time for full wheelsets.

2. Single rims can be ordered. Spokes should be installed with washers.

3. Shipping fee depends on your region. We will supply you with a quote or you can arrange product pickup from your end.

4. Warranty: 2 years plus Crash Replacement

5. The rims are machine made in Germany

6. Model options: Clincher 45mm, Tubular 30mm/45mm. Wheelsets come with Tune hubs and CX Ray spokes.

- SL version: Front Hub: TUNE MIG70, Back Hub: TUNE MAG170, Spokes: CX Ray 2,0

- TLO version: Front Hub: TUNE MIG45, Back Hub: TUNE MAG150, Spokes: CX Super 1,8

7. Color options: Red/White, White/White, Black/Black (15 Euro extra per wheel for black version)

8. Heat resistance (Tg) 230 Celsius due to newly developed resin this is much higher than our competitors

9. Spoke count: Front 20, Back 24, spoke holes are drilled (we can supply other hole count upon request)

10. Weight limit: 105kg

11. Rims can be used for disk and rim brakes