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  • Storck Aernario Comp
  • Storck Aernario Comp

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    Storck have created the first super light aerodynamic frame with performance and rider comfort in the Aernario. ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Tube Shapes’ provide ‘Ground Parallel’ aerodynamics, plus strength and stiffness where required with ‘Vibration Dampening’ for rider comfort. The Aernario Comp is based on the same frame mold as the Aernario Pro and Platinum, but uses a different grade of carbon fiber, this also adjusts the lay-up process making the frame marginally heavier.

    Whilst most Aero frames are designed with Aero shaped tubes, they tend to be very stiff and transmit horrible road vibration through the frame. The Storck Aernario down tube profile was developed using CFD or Computer Flow Dynamics to create a perfect airflow over the tube in a ‘Ground Parallel’ plane. The Carbon lay-up process provides the Storck Characteristics of additional stiffness in the BB and head-tube area. The top tube provides a clean airflow with hidden seat clamp. This also means the Storck Carbon seat post can offer even more comfort for the rider with a shorter seat tube.

    Sectional Aerodynamics
    Concealed Seatclamp
    Proportional Tubing
    8 Build Options
    Dual Cable Routing
    Carbon Bearing shells
    Race / Sportive / Endurance Bred
    Uni-Directional Carbon Fibre
    Material CFR / UD Weave
    Internal Cable Routing
    • Material CFR / UD - optimized
    • Integrated headset  1 1/8" - 1 1/4"
    • CFR bottom bracket section 
    • CFR headset section
    • CFR dropouts
    • Proportional tubing for each frame size
    • Sloping top tube geometry 
    • Internal cable routing
    • Replacement rear derailleur hanger 
    • BB standard: pressfit diameter 41 x 86,5 MM
    • Integrated Seat clamp
    • 31.6mm size seatpost
    • Frame set from 1550 G
    • Frame weight from 1150 G
    • Fork weight from 400 G



    Recommended body height
    47 470* 510 525 124 399 38 530 381 75,0 71,0 160-167
    51 469* 538 551 115 399 38 526 399 73,8 72,5 165-172
    55 500* 552 566 139 399 38 552 403 73,5 73,5 170-182
    57 520* 562 576 162 399 38 574 406 73,5 73,5 180-189
    59 540* 567 581 184 399 38 592 405 73,5 73,5 187-195
    63 580* 590 605 229 399 38 638 416 73,5 73,5 193-…
      * without extension                    


    Storck Aernario Review –, Australia

    “93/100 - My experience with the Aernario will serve as a new benchmark, not just for the bikes I review but also for my cycling. This bike is now the definition of responsiveness for me... "

    CyclingTips is an Australian-based website that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders. The Aernario clearly made an impression on Matt Wikstrom during the time he had it for review 

    “From the very first pedal stroke, the Aernario was exceptionally responsive, thanks no doubt to a synergistic combination of the bike’s low weight and its impressive stiffness (and perhaps its sectional aerodynamic shaping too). The smallest effort makes the bike move and from there it seems to defy the laws of physics, just like a puck on an air hockey table.”

    Matt’s Aernario was equipped with Campagnolo’s super record EPS and Storck’s custom Lightweight Mielenstein Obermeyer wheels, a package that emphasized the quality of the frameset.

    “The Aernario’s steering and handling was near perfect. The steering in particular was incredibly precise — just pick a line and the bike follows it. I never had any trouble holding a fast line through corners when descending, and I always seemed to exit with a lot more speed than I was used to on my regular bike”

    You can now read the fantastic review in full online now at

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