THM Clavicula SE
THM Clavicula SE
THM Clavicula SE

THM Clavicula SE

$1,295.00 USD

Clavicula SE = $1,295 including free shipping in U.S. and Canada!

BB options can be added to purchase.

Please specify the following during check-out:
1. Crank length (170, 172.5, 175)
2. Crank ratio (STD or Compact)
3. Matte or Glossy Finish
Delivery time from THM is approximately 6 weeks from time of order

Clavicula SE is the ultimate innovation from the company THM-Carbones. In the development phase particular emphasis was placed on optimizing structural design. Particularly noteworthy is the spider whose geometrical and structural definition is based on a precise analysis of the load paths – with the result of an extreme lateral stiffness for best switching behavior and an excellent stiffness in the circumferential direction for loss-free power transmission. This design optimization resulted – just as a side effect – in an exceptionally stiff and light crank system.

We are particularly proud of the patented connection between left-hand crank and axle. It’s the first time that a carbon & carbon material combination is realized which was tested thoroughly and successfully in the last few years. Decisive advantage: This solution minimizes the relative movement between the teeth thanks to the identical fiber texture of the external and internal toothing. As a result wear-and-tear is practically zero and there is no source of noise development.

With Clavicula sine exceptione the company THM-Carbones is setting completely new standards and will make you experience a new reference in the design of cranks.

For the initial use on racing bikes are made available chain rings with 130 mm or 110 mm diameter bolt circle. As a matter of course all current bottom bracket systems are usable which means the Clavicula SE will practically fit any type of frame.

Tech Data Clavicula Road 

302 g (.67 lbs) for Standard / 293 g (.65 lbs) for Compact
Fits any frame with standard 68 mm BSA shell. Available for BB30, Pressfit30, Shimano Pressfit, Italian threading, BB386 EVO, BBright-Pressfit
BBRight Direct Fit (only Cervelo frame R5ca) also available – please specify in your order
BB 386 (only AX Lightness frame ViAL EVO) also available – please specify in your order
Chainrings: THM-Carbones recommend PraxisWorks
Q-Faktor: 148 mm
Chainline: 43,5 mm
Inner width of the cranks: 118 mm
Available lengths: 170, 172,5 or 175 mm

max. permissible total weight:

120 kg (264 lb)