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Blacksmith sponsors a community art event tonight!!!

Brave the rain and head outside for Artspin, a free bicycle-led community art event on wheels!
Blacksmith Cycle is the sponsor of one of tonight's event, entitled "My Street Has No Trees".
In the words of the artists...
"My Street Has No Trees (MSHNT) is a public and participatory installation that utilizes the vestigial design of Toronto’s Ring-and-Post bike lock-up spots as armatures for micro-gardens. The intent of the project is to raise awareness about the imbalance between the hardscapes and softscapes of our streets, to encourage people to think critically about the transformative possibilities of our everyday environments, and to increase the beauty and joy of our neighbourhoods." [caption id="attachment_728" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Making Dundas a bit prettier, one bike rack at a time!"][/caption] So, meet tonight at the south gate of Trinity Bellwoods Park at 7 pm for Artspin or click below for more pictures and info. More on My Street Has No Trees... Dundas West, along with many other major Toronto streets, suffers from a noticeable paucity of street vegetation. To add to this, a series of major road improvements has left asphalt squares where there should be trees. In response to the overwhelming dominance of the Dundas West hardscape, MSHNT softens and enlivens while acting as a third reincarnation of the Ring-and-Post system. Originally installed as pay-meter posts, the Ring-and-Post system developed when multi-pay meters emerged rendering the individual meters obsolete. The subsequent removal of individual pay-meters posed a challenge for bicyclists that depended on the meters for a secure place to lock up. In recognition of their valuable secondary function, the posts were modified (meters removed and rings added). The resultant Ring-and-Post system, however, has left us with the function-less portion of the vertical post that extends beyond the top of the ring. MSHNT capitalizes on this unused portion to affix planters fashioned out of used Gatorade or VitaminWater Bottles. A simple design and recycled or inexpensive materials (bottles, cable ties, plants) increases its participatory possibilities, and its potential to proliferate throughout the city. In terms of execution, MSHNT will ideally be launched in conjunction with the first Art Spin, either installed immediately prior to the ride, along the selected route, or enacted by the participants who would, as a group, transfer pre-grown plants into the micro-planters immediately prior to departure, and then install them along the route.  

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