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Fit update - Varicrank and Fitt 1st arrive!!

We are making some great progress in terms of our fitting and coaching options at Blacksmith! First off, we just received our fully adjustable Varicranks, which will now allow for fitting sessions on cranks anywhere from 165 to 185mm in length...awesome. [caption id="attachment_812" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Sexy and functional - fully adjustable crank length now a fitting option"][/caption] This week we had Scott Judges of Fitt 1st in the shop for a few custom fit sessions with our customers.  Scott is an amzing fellow, with heaps of fitting experience, so feel free to book an appointment with us by calling or emailing. [caption id="attachment_813" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Scott doing his thing...taping levels on each crank-arm ensures a perfect evaluation"][/caption] For more on Scott's fitting services, visit his website or drop by the store at 1101 Queen West to chat!

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