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Dash Cycles new hubs for aftermarket wheel builds

For those of you who worship at the weight-weenie alter, here you go... Bikerumor: Dash Cycles Unveil New Hubsets Dash Cycles nikki and monica lightweight carbon fiber road bike hubs

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Dash Cycles has two new hubsets that share the good looks and light weight of their original Mira & Veronica hubs but add a little user friendliness. “The Nikki / Monica set is basically a remake of our original hubs, but they can be built by anyone aftermarket,” says Weston Snyder, general manager at Dash Cycles. ”The Mira and Veronica had to be built into wheels at our shop because the spokes have to be inserted before the axle assembly was installed. The Nicki / Monica is a bit beefier hubset, too, with a 100kg rider weight limit versus 80kg on the Mira / Veronica. “We also changed the overall makeup of them. The Nikki has a 15mm thru-axle rather than our 12mm version, and it has better bearings and a larger hubshell. This gives it a better bracing angle for the spokes, too.” The Monica went to a 17mm straight thru-axle and freehub body rather than a stepped 15/17mm axle. The bearings are now 6803 all the way through, four per hub – two in the shell and two in the freehub body. The Monica uses a similar construction to the Veronica with titanium spoke flanges that are part of the drive ring. The difference is the Monica’s flanges are a bit thicker and spoke holes are staggered rather than directly on top of each other. The Nikki (front) weight is 51g with steel bearings, 46g with ceramics. Monica is 130g with steel bearings and 122g with ceramics. Pricing is $250 and $750 respectively, making it an even grand for the set. dash cycles olga and peggy carbon reinforced alloy lightweight road bike hubs The new Olga & Peggy has the same general layout but gets an aluminum shell with carbon reinforcements at the spoke flange on the Olga. The Peggy uses a more traditional flange for J-bend spokes rather than their direct pull design on the others. Price/weight is $200/57g for the Olga and $650/149g for Peggy. Ceramic bearings are available for both, dropping about 5g to 10g per hub. Cost for the ceramic bearing upgrade is $100 per set. All hubs are available as wheelsets with ENVE, Reynolds, Stan’s or Mercury rims that they generally stock (or anything else upon request). The new Nikki / Monica and Peggy / Olga are available separately, too, and are approved for road and cyclocross. Snyder hinted that several new things are on the way, not the least of which are some disc hubs that’ll be for both road and mountain bikes…which also means cyclocross! All of Dash’s components are manufacturers in their Colorado HQ. Full spec list on these hubs are on their website.

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