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Blacksmith Cycle BOTY #1 - Paul's Pegoretti Marcelo

Have you ever had a girl that just fits with you?  People see you together and say "that makes sense". You spoon at night and your arm doesn't fall asleep after half an hour.  Your gut fits just so into the gentle curve of her back.  Your arms entwined in lovers embrace, your breath as one.  I have no idea what that feels like with a woman.  I only imagine that that's what this bike is like if it were a woman.  Oh it's gettin sexy in here.  Prince sexyElvira Mistress of the Dark sexyTop Gun sexy.  That's sexy. Bike Of The Year.  Of the effin year.  Maybe the decade. Century?  Perhaps that's pushing it, but being that we haven't posted a BOTD lately you guys deserve a cracker of a bike. Image Instagram Sexy. The Build 2010 Pegoretti Marcelo "Thelonious", 51. Full Super Record Ritchey Cockpit Fizik Arione  CX ENVE tubs, soon to be Bora Ultra 2's. Image Who cares what she weighs.  She looks good, wears all that weight well.  Look at that sturdy rear end.  She's built to take it. Just pretend you're laying down, staring into her eyes.  (As an aside, I had a girlfriend that always wanted to sleep facing me, like front spooning?  Possibly the most uncomfortable and awkward way to sleep ever.  Seriously, hold two spoons facing each other and just see how good they fit together.)Image I'm sorry the pictures SUCK of this beautiful bike, but my hands shake like crazy when I stare at her.  They get all sweaty and clammy and gross. Image This bike is available for viewing, ogling, drooling, creepin on, but not riding, touching, lurking on facebook, myspace or plenty of fish.  She's mine, and I will fight you for her. Party, BIKE-PILE

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