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What's my M@+#!%$*)n name? BOTD Snoop Lion Edition

So Snoop Dogg is a Dogg no more, he's reinvented himself as Snoop Lion, which is really similar to the D O double G in many regards.  I had the pleasure of working at Snoop Lion's debut performance, and I went in with a little trepidation cause that first La La La joint that he's released isn't exactly my cup of tea.  Luckily he only played that song twice, and it really was a lot better in person than the video would suggest.  Anything played with a full live band is going to be that much more impressive than some Major Lazer beats backing Snoop's signature west coast drawl.  For the rest of his set there were a few classic SnoopDogg/Lion collabo jams that fused his new reggae persona with songs of his Doggystyle album, and then a few just straight up Doggystyle tracks that really brought the house down. [caption id="attachment_2506" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Oh, Lord, Big Snoop Dogg....I mean Lion. Whatever.[/caption] It must be somewhat disheartening to got through a life changing transformation from a Dogg to a Lion and then have your fans only want to pet the Dogg in you.  But hey, it's a whole new excuse to tour, play some music, film a documentary, fall asleep on your tour bus for two hours while the hype builds inside and then still bring them to a fever pitch when you do finally perform.  He clearly is not losing any sleep over what people think of the new Lion in him. And all the while I didn't really care either.  That was Snoop up there on stage.  SNOOP DOGG.  I listened to a lot of Snoop growing up and then there he is, with Kurupt, Warren G and Daz Dillinger doing a soundcheck for the few of us that showed up early under the auspices of having some extra work to do at the venue.  I managed to sneak one picture before his mountain of a security guard solemnly shook his head no in the way only a mountain can. [caption id="attachment_2507" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sound Check[/caption] I'll be interested to see the new documentary directed by none other than Eli Roth (Inglorious Basterds, Hostel, etc) at TIFF and watch how this transformation took place.  Who knows, I may even be in the movie for all I know as they filmed the last bits of the doc at the show.  It's worth the double click below to see a bit of that old timey Snoop Dogg magic... IMG_0636 Oh, I also ride a Storck Fenomalist with Campy super record, Lightweights, 3T LTD stem and bars, and Dash Saddle.  What's my M@+#!%$*)n name?


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