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Dear Friends, Customers, Racers, Club riders, and local cats, It's official - Blacksmith Cycle is moving!!  Yes, now our huge sale makes sense ;) We have been secretly working on our new show-room for months, and will be making the big move over the next week. We will announce the details of our awesome new atelier-like space soon, but let's just say we are not moving too far, plus we are gaining lots more natural light...and a freakin' freight elevator! Note that until Friday in our current location, and until March 12th in our new space, we will be operating by-appointment-only, so please try to call or email us before you drop by so we are sure to be in.  After that, we will officially announce our new hide-out and invite everyone to come say hello!! For a bit of nostalgia, check out these nice posts about our cool little shop, and know we will do our best to turn the new space up to 11, so to speak... Blog TO / Now Magazine - "Whether it's a matter of a unique paint job or tailor made geometry, Blacksmith tries to differentiate itself from other up-market bike shops by offering more personalized options." A shop for "roadies, racers, [and] those passionate about bikes." DandyHorse Magazine - "Blacksmith Cycle is far from your typical local bike shop. It’s a place where weight is measured in mere grams, and many of the bikes hanging from the walls are found nowhere else in North America; paper-thin carbon fiber crafted in countries like Germany, Italy and Australia. It’s a place where bicycling bucket lists can be realized, and where even at a standstill the bikes look fast." GentlemanBug Online - "Walking into Blacksmith Cycle takes me back to that first moment of wonder, only it multiplies the experience by about a million...They have a depth of knowledge that is so rarely seen in any industry and can describe to you the bike most suited to your needs based on your strengths, body-type, ride feel, sense of smell, hair length, musical tastes, and your goals." A huge thanks is owed to everyone who made our Queen West location such an amazing place to spend our last two years.  We are forever indebted to our loyal staff, the neighborhood, and the Toronto cycling community in general for making us feel so at home. See y'all on the other side, Jamie, Mike, Youppi and the Blacksmith Boys

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