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Passoni's new space and amazing Giro trip offer

Some of you ask us what makes the "custom" bike buying experience so special.  We tell them that Baum, Scapin, Parlee, Alchemy, Cyfac and Passoni all create bicycles that are a unique combination of artistry, expertise and attention to detail, all used to create bikes that look as good as they perform. Now, for an added perk: to celebrate their move to a new space - sounds familiar - Passoni is offering an amazing Giro D'Italia trip through to Lake Como in Italy. Click here for details - http://www.just-pedal.com/passoni.php [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576"] The riding will be epic[/caption] What is included in the experience? Let's just say that you get to take a helicopter to the top of the Stelvio to watch Ryder Hesjedal defend his crown in this year's Giro, then ride the mountain pass. On your own Passoni. Led by former pro peleton riders. Not to mention first class food and hotel, including a visit to Passoni's new workshop to see frame-building in person. For extra reading, see two wonderful articles about the man behind Passoni Bicycles, who have quietly become one of Italy's most unique and special bicycle builders... http://www.cyclingtips.com.au/2012/06/a-brief-history-of-passoni-bicycles/ http://www.andbike.cc/sunday-read/banking-to-bicycles-taking-on-an-italian-icon/ If you would like to discuss your own Passoni bicycle or would consider joining us on the Passoni Giro D'Italia trip, please speak with us for complete details!!

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