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BOTD - Commander Chris Hadfield edition. Merida Scultura SL Team

Why is it the Chris Hadfield edition?  Cause this bike is a bloody rocket ship.  I think only someone with the cojones of an astronaut should even attempt to tame this stallion, but since we don't actively employ astronauts our esteemed mechanic Jesse is moonwalking all over the city on this beast. Merida has been in the spotlight more than usual in North America due to it's sponsorship of the Lampre Merida pro team gallivanting around the tour.  While already a big brand in Asia and pretty much everywhere other than NA, its nice to see their bikes popping up on our shores.  The reason you don't see them much over here?  Well they have a large share in Specialized bikes, and thus it wouldn't make sense to cannibalize an already successful portion of their business.  Oh, and only astronauts are qualified to ride them, that's a small market share. So how's it ride?  Well have you ever been launched into space?  I doubt it.  It feels like that (I imagine).  When you put the power down you are propelled into the stratosphere.  It just f#*&(@g goes.  It records awesome covers of Bowie from space.  Oh wait, that's Hadfield.  But if this bike had arms and a half decent voice it would totally do awesome things like that.  It makes you appreciate the earth for all it's beauty, and space for all its intricacies and vastness.  Oh, Hadfield again, but this bike would do that too if it had a twitter account. Built as it is the weight is 13.1 lbs.  Gravity be damned, next stop Venus. Frame : Merida Scultura SL team Group : Sram Red Crank : FSA SL-K Light 386 EVO Wheels : Madfiber Ceramic Stem/Bars : 3T Arx/Ergonova Stealth Saddle : Fizik Antares 00 Pedals : Look Keo Carbon Merida Frames are available to order to day, call us for pricing.  

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