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Cross Is Coming

In honor of the fast arriving Cyclo-cross season, 4 killer products worth mentioning... 1. + 2. Our first two new bits of swag are from the 2015 Van Dessel lineup. Feast your eyes on the all new Full Tilt Boogie and Aloominator CX bikes: FTB 2015 CX1 hydro_carbon Full Tilt Boogie carbon - Frameset MSRP of $1999 - Complete builds starting at $2999 - Incredibly light weight, comfortable ride quality, and all day toughness. Aloominator Force22 3_4 Aloominator - Built in the USA - Frameset MSRP of $1599 in disc or canti - complete bikes starting at $2599 - Stiff, intelligent design for a lifetime of abuse on the road or course. 3. To match your killer new CX rig, you gotta get yourself the world's only real Cross shoe, the Lake MX-331, available in orange and black, in mens, womens, and wide sizes, $399 MSRP with multiple modular spikes included for course-specific adjustment. MX331black 003 MX331orange 001 4. Xentis 2015 UD All-Black carbon wheels are here, with incredible aerodynamics, great stiffness, low weights, and featuring the world's best carbon brake surface. Available in 25, 42, 58 and 75 mm depths, starting at $1999 and up. Squad 5.8's pictured for $2599: 12SHCC58255-V So quit horsing around and get ready for Cross season with Blacksmith Cycle!!

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