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We’ve decided to call this NEW BRAND WEEK at Blacksmith!! Each day we will preview a cool new product launch at the shop. Monday: Carl & Rose Tuesday: Oakley Wednesday: Scappa Thursday: Mad Alchemy  Friday: Cherubim Saturday: Handlebar Mustache Sunday: MAAP Who: Mad Alchemy What: The best chamois cream and embrocation stuff on the planet When: Bursting on to the CX scene over the past few seasons Where: Designed and produced in Boulder, #ColoRADo Why: All the best gear for your junk, plus amazing socks too!! Mad Alchemy   We are now stocking the following products in the shop: Pro+ Chamois Cream - $20 - The original, and still the champ Euro Pro Chamois Cream - $20 - Tingly and clean feeling chammy cream Non-warming Pre-ride Oil - $20 - Uplifting smell and smooth feel Non-warming Embrocation - $20 - Summer-time embro fun MiniGrouppo - $19 - Body wash and Umbrocation rinse with poofy Lip Balm - $5 - All-natural bees-wax lip balm with SPF 15 Any other Mad Alchemy products you want, just let us know?! Drop on by tomorrow for our next brand, Cherubim Bicycles.  

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