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Best Carbon Bikes of 2014

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We are often asked to advise customers as to which bikes are the finest for their needs. Well, in an effort to provide more background for your thirst for knowledge, here is the list of our BEST CARBON BIKES of 2014 complete with links, photos, reviews and more: Alchemy Bicycle Co. Xanthus, Helios or Arion Cost: $3,750 for Xanthus road frameset $4,250 for Helios semi-aero frameset $4,750 for Arion aero frameset Add $500 for custom geometry if needed Description: The brand that started in Austin is now based out of Denver and still hand-building some of the stiffest, lightest and...

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Blacksmith Cycle End of Season Mega Sales are ON

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Our. Best. Prices. Ever. Period. Road. CX. MTB. Tri. Can't afford a custom Blacksmith-designed Baum or Passoni this year? The deals below are the next best thing. Over 65 Bikes and Framesets for Road, CX, MTB and Triathlon. Choices include Alchemy Carrera, Storck, Cyfac, and Museeuw: BIKE AND FRAME SALE Plus over 30 Wheelsets for all disciplines. Names like Lightweight, Zipp, Tune, Stan's and Reynolds: WHEEL SALE First come, first are heading out the door already. Emailing us is always your best option: Thanks, Mike and the Crew

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BOTD #20 - Independent Fabrication Ti Factory Lightweight (IF TiFLw)

Bike of the day Bikes of the Day General News hand-made titanium hand-made u.s. bikes I.F. IF Independent Fabrication Ti Factory Lightweight TiFLW Titanium and carbon blend bikes titanium bikes

Independent Fabrication are still some of the finest craftsmen around, building bikes in the heart of New England.  (Click on all pictures to enlarge, btw) After a recent move by the company from their more urban digs, I.F. is now back up to speed in their new facility, producing world class bikes in pretty much all materials, sizes, colors and types.  One model you may not have heard of, and which is not yet advertised on the I.F. website, is their brand new Ti Factory Lightweight, usually found in lime-green or neon-orange livery, as below: Blacksmith Cycle's new 57 cm...

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BOTD # 14 - Independent Fabrication Corvid

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Bike of the Day #14 - Independent Fabrication Corvid Independent Fabrication, out of Newmarket, New Hampshire has long been one of my favourite frame-builders, and I've often mused that I would go all Lance and give my left nut to own one.  Fortunately I somehow fumbled my way into Blacksmith and could forego the sacrifice of the family jewels and still end up on one of my all time top ten bikes. Here she is, the IF Corvid.  Fully custom, with bladder molded monocoque components bonded in tube and lug construction.  6/4 Ti drop-outs, ENVE fork, bb30 standard. [caption id="attachment_1143"...

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