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Summer Super Sale

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Here we go again, breaking all the rules with our Summer Super Sale! [caption id="attachment_3057" align="aligncenter" width="564"] This Baum Corretto sold in our last sale, so don't wait long. Prices below are our lowest advertised EVER!![/caption] WELL, JUST A FEW RULES: - All framesets new 2012-13 models unless noted - Shipping cost to USA = $50 / to Canada = $25 ROAD Size(s) Super Sale Price Description Colour Quantity Alchemy Steel 53.5 2599 Blacksmith custom steel with ISP and ENVE tapered fork as reviewed on CycleExif Matte Black/Gold 1 Carrera Blade 54 599 Hydroformed aluminum with carbon fork White/Orange 2...

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