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Stelbel SB/03 Silca Edition - NAHBS 2018 Blacksmith Cycle Bikes - 2 of 5

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Next up is our Stelbel SB/03 Silca Edition, with matching Impero Ultimate frame pump along with the original track pump used in Stelio Beletti's workshop 30 years ago! Thanks for Stelbel for making this a special build of their renewed 2018 race model, and to the Silca boys for supporting NAHBS in a major way. For those of you who are new to the brand, click this link for the full review of the SB/03 model from CyclingTips, which received the highest rating of any bike they have ever tested. Builder : Stelbel Name : Silca Track Pump Homage Model : SB/03 [3.2 version]...

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