ALPITUDE Stelvio Corretto Garmin Mount

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Bar compatible: Shimano PRO Stealth, FSA Plasma, Ritchey WCS Solostream, Chapter2 Mana, Most Talon (before 2020 model), Cervelo S5 2019-20 (works with M4 and M5 screws), cERVELO P5 2020, THM Frontale.

Sizes: one measure, adjustable for any lenght devices (from Wahoo Bolt to Garmin 1030 and Omata)

Comes with the mount, plastic insert, washers


  • Type- Universal, x Wilier Alabarda, x Cervelo S5 2019 small, x Cervelo S5 2019 normal, THM Frontale
  • Devices- Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Omata

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