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REFORM Custom Saddles with A/C Unit
REFORM Custom Saddles with A/C Unit
REFORM Custom Saddles with A/C Unit

REFORM Custom Saddles with A/C Unit



The Reform saddle uses your body as the mould and uses their patented technology to thermo-mould and permanently form the saddle shell to you, on your own bike. Giving you the ultimate custom saddle fit. MADE IN VANCOUVER 


1. Mount your bike in stationary bike trainer. Install your Reform saddle. Plug the saddle into the proprietary heating unit.

2. Hop on your bike. Set a timer based on the included forming instructions, turn on the A/C unit and pedal for the recommended 3-5 minutes while the saddle heats. Once heated, turn off the A/C unit and continue pedalling for another 5 minutes while the saddle cools.

3. You’re done! Enjoy your custom moulded saddle.

Know the Brand

Reform was started in 2015 by Mike Perreten of Landyachtz skateboards. At that time, Mike was putting a lot of miles on his road bike.  On one occasion he pushed his body to its absolute limit during a race to Whistler, BC.  His whole body was suffering but the pain from his saddle was the most significant.  It got him thinking about why there have been so many developments in cycling, yet the saddle seemed relatively unchanged.  Coming from a competitive ski racing background, Mike experienced the importance of ski boot moulding and the difference comfort can make in performance.  The wheels started turning on how to make a mouldable saddle and Reform was born.