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Thursday Product Review - 3T Mercurio Wheelset

Welcome to the third installment of our Thursday product reviews.  Being the Third review on the third day, we're gonna take a look at a new offering from 3T, the Mercurio 60 Wheel-set. With some truly unique innovations and small but appreciable conveniences built in, 3T has created a wheel set that is sure to please a large crowd of racers looking for a medium depth aero wheel.  The full carbon tubular has a claimed weight of 1390 grams, is available in both ceramic and steel bearings at a price of $2400. One of the features that sets the wheel set apart from the rest is the 3T Multisys freehub, which accepts, Campag, Sram and Shimano cassettes without any adapters.  No more worries about what drivetrain or bike you're riding that day (if you have that kind of problem). Another innovative design feature are the spoke pockets that allow the non-threaded end of the spoke to simply hook into the rim, allowing spoke replacement and repair without removing a tubular, and moving the nipple weight to the centre of the wheel, allowing for a quicker spin-up. After some quick laps on the bike, first impressions are good stiffness and spin up as advertised, a really loud free hub, which I like for warning joggers on the bike path, and a good overall first ride impression.  Once I get some climbing and crosswinds in I'll write a more in-depth report and analysis.

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