Saturday Arrivals!!

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We'll start showing off our weekly new products on Sarturdays for y'all! First up: Fizik road shoes and moldable insoles have arrived in all sizes R1: Flag-ship shoe at $475 - with kangaroo leather, moldable insole, sail-cloth straps, carbon buckle and sole R3 Men's White: $389 - Similar shoe to the R1, minus the kangaroo leather, carbon buckle and moldable insole R3 Women's:  Same as the Men's shoe at $379, but in a beautiful all-white And for those who simply want the high-end Fizik R1 3D-Flex Sidas moldable insole in their own shoes, we now have ALL sizes in stock with our Fizik flash-fit heat molding machine, guaranteeing perfect arch support and fit in any shoe for only $75 including the 20 minute fitting session. Come check them out in person, or email us to order your pair with free shipping throughout North America!

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