Mike's Top-10 Tech Trends

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Mike's Top-10 2015 Tech Trends 1. Go disc brake – whether electric or mechanical, hydraulic braking is a simply revolutionary leap. If you don’t race, consider it for your next bike. Our disc options include custom offerings from Argonaut, Mosaic and Parlee, with Olympia, Storck and Van Dessel offering downright awesome value in carbon-disc race machines designed in Italy, Germany and the US, respectively. But really, any disc bike will blow your freaking mind. Don't believe me? Come ride our Mosaic GT-1 today. Oh, and I won't even consider electric shifting a trend this season, since that was so last year,...

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Thursday Product Review - 3T Mercurio Wheelset

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Welcome to the third installment of our Thursday product reviews.  Being the Third review on the third day, we're gonna take a look at a new offering from 3T, the Mercurio 60 Wheel-set. With some truly unique innovations and small but appreciable conveniences built in, 3T has created a wheel set that is sure to please a large crowd of racers looking for a medium depth aero wheel.  The full carbon tubular has a claimed weight of 1390 grams, is available in both ceramic and steel bearings at a price of $2400. One of the features that sets the wheel...

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