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Alchemy x Blacksmith x VeloColour Steel Road

Alchemy Bicycles Blacksmith Cycle Steel Bikes Toronto custom bicycles Velo Colour

To kick off our new blog, we chose to profile this Alchemy steel road racer, one of our original full-custom designs, from 2012. A good friend of ours - the proprietor of the incredible KNIFE boutique - grabbed this beauty from us a few years back, and is still crushing this beautiful matte black + gold whip around the GTA to this day. Featured on CYCLE EXIF a few years ago, but recently rebuilt with a few modern touches, we figured the time was right to revisit this bike in all her glory. Designed by Blacksmith Cycle in Toronto, we wanted a modern, stiff and sexy road bike with...

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Best Carbon Bikes of 2014

Alchemy Bicycles Best Carbon Bikes of 2014 Brand Info Calfee Manta Pro Carbon Dream Bikes Carrera bicycles Cyfac Absolu Fondriest bikes Fondriest TF1-1.4 General News I.F. Corvid I.F. TiFlW Independent Fabrication Parle ESX Parle Z-Zero Parlee Z5 Parlee Z5Sli Passoni bicycles Passoni titanium Scapin bicycles USA Scapin Etika RC Scapin Ivor Storck Aernario Storck bicycles Storck Fenomalist Storck USA Tech Stuff Uncategorized

We are often asked to advise customers as to which bikes are the finest for their needs. Well, in an effort to provide more background for your thirst for knowledge, here is the list of our BEST CARBON BIKES of 2014 complete with links, photos, reviews and more: Alchemy Bicycle Co. Xanthus, Helios or Arion Cost: $3,750 for Xanthus road frameset $4,250 for Helios semi-aero frameset $4,750 for Arion aero frameset Add $500 for custom geometry if needed Description: The brand that started in Austin is now based out of Denver and still hand-building some of the stiffest, lightest and...

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Race Bike Series Part 2 - Alchemy Arion Aero

Alchemy Aero Alchemy Arion Alchemy Bicycles Alchemy Helios Bikes of the Day Brand Info Custom bikes ENVE new sram red Road bikes Toronto sram red

I've always wondered why people choose monocoque aero carbon bikes that in actuality ride like brick shit-houses. While certain ubiquitous TdF-ridden bikes shall remain nameless, let me just say that at Blacksmith we believe there is a better way... The answer began as a project code-named Alchemy Aero, now called the Arion in its finished state: For a quick run-down, let me just say that the Arion offers... - Full stock and custom geometry build options, for only a $400 upcharge; - Staggering stiffness with even more insane weights, as light as 820 grams; - In-house-designed Alchemy tubing with...

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