Mosaic Cycles, based in Boulder, Colorado, delivers precision fabrication of bespoke, small batch handmade bicycles, primarily focusing on titanium. As a family -operated business, Mosaic thrives to create meaningful cycling moments and enduring products in a range of disciplines. Every Mosaic project represents an expression of their philosophy; one forged over many years of fabrication, whereby the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist. From design to fabrication to paint, Mosaic is to notch in every way.

When Blacksmith started, we were on the hunt for world-class builders who had yet to peak in terms of notoriety and price point, someone building incredible bikes at a reasonable price. We proudly welcomed Mosaic to our stable over 7 years ago and have been blown away by their quality, expertise, customer service, and design acumen. Aaron Barcheck and crew have come a long way, but first and foremost are simply good people, working tirelessly to ensure each customer gets a first-class experience. We have visited their Boulder workshop, had late-night beers at Sea Otter, helped design Mosaic’s first ever GT-1 model for NAHBS, and shared a few laughs and tears along the way. Simply put, there is doubtful another frame builder that can surpass Mosaic in terms of quality of customer experience from start to finish.

Model Info and Pricing 

RT- and RS-1 (c,d) Frameset - (32mm tire clearance)
RT-2 (c,d) Frameset - (32mm tire clearance)

GT-1 (AR, 45, X) Frameset - (38mm - 2.2” tire clearance)
GT-2 (AR, 45, X) Frameset - (38mm - 2.2” tire clearance)

XT-1 & XT-2 Frameset - (35-38mm tire clearance)

Frame Set Price
Frameset price:RT-1 & RT-1D - $9190 CAD
RT-2 - $5750 CADRS-1 - $7150 CAD
GT-1 AR & 45 - $9190 CAD
GT-2 AR & 45 - $5750 CAD
XT-1 - $9190 CAD
XT-2 - $5750 CAD

Lead time: 12 weeks

Photos by @p_chauch