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Mosaic Cycles, based in Boulder, Colorado, delivers precision fabrication of bespoke, small batch handmade bicycles. As a family operated business, Mosaic thrives to create meaningful cycling moments and enduring products in a range of disciplines. Every Mosaic project represents an expression of their philosophy; one forged over many years of fabrication, whereby the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist. 

Our connection to the brand 

Model Info and Pricing 

RT- and RS-1 (c,d) Frameset - (32mm tire clearance)
RT-2 (c,d) Frameset - (32mm tire clearance)

GT-1 (AR, 45, X) Frameset - (38mm - 2.2” tire clearance)
GT-2 (AR, 45, X) Frameset - (38mm - 2.2” tire clearance)

XT-1 & XT-2 Frameset - (35-38mm tire clearance)

Frame Set Price
Frameset price:RT-1 & RT-1D - $9190 CAD
RT-2 - $5750 CADRS-1 - $7150 CAD
GT-1 AR & 45 - $9190 CAD
GT-2 AR & 45 - $5750 CAD
XT-1 - $9190 CAD
XT-2 - $5750 CAD

Photos by @p_chauch

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