One Disc Festka to rule them all.

Our latest upgrade was done to this very attractive looking Festka One Disc. 

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Cherubim's customer bicycle explained

The Japanese master frame builder Shin-Ichi Konno is widely known for bringing experimental designs to bike shows. In this video interview he talks about a bicycle he has made for a customer. The Japanese master frame builder Shin-ichi Konno has never shied away from controversy, producing imaginative interpretations of the bicycle and bringing these to NAHBS each year to delight and amaze the crowds. Yet not everybody appreciates this approach, and over the years some eyebrows have been raised. Not at HBG, though. We’ve always enjoyed and admired the experimental bikes coming out of the Cherubim workshop (see article linked...

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Deanima O.Q.O.C

Custom DeAnima DeAnima bicycles DeAnima bikes handbuilt italy Lightweight made in italy O.Q.O.C oqoc steel

DEANIMA O.Q.O.C     INTRODUCING O.Q.O.C   A modern take on the classic lightweight steel racing bicycle, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. This is our statement against the modern day fad of hype.... This is a simple, fast and lightweight steel frame. It’s got no bullshit standards or “fashionable” features... it’s about going forward fast, it's about the ride, it's about the simplicity of what a race bike should be and always has been. When we created this frame we wanted to raise a few questions about steel frames of today – this frame weighs 1350g without...

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DeAnima SOUL Review by Canadian Cycling Magazine

Custom carbon bicycles Custom carbon gravel bicycle Custom gravel bikes DeAnima DeAnima Cicli DeAnima Soul

Canadian Cycling Magazine has just reviewed the DeAnima Soul... Click here for more model info and ordering details!

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3D-printed ti lugs Bastion bikes Bastion custom bikes Bastion Cycles Bastion Road Disc Carbon and titanium custom bike Carbon/ti blend Carbon/titanium blend Carbon/titanium road bike

We are proud to present our newest super-bike from Bastion Cycles of Melbourne, Australia, purveyors of framesets built using filament-wound carbon tubes with 3D-printed titanium lugs.  Mixing cutting-edge engineering with a hand-built mentality has rushed Bastion to the top of the custom bicycle landscape, so we wanted to do a quick blog post to capture a few things that make the brand unique. Below is Bastion #44, which we built for the incredible Krish L., captured by the boys during a visit to the Tour Down Under.  To really get started on your deep dive, check out the amazingly in-depth CyclingTips review here plus the CyclistUK take here. Give your self about 20-30...

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