DeAnima Cicli arrives in North America

Custom carbon bikes Custom steel bikes DeAnima DeAnima AMG-01 DeAnima bicycles DeAnima bikes DeAnima DeFer DeAnima Soul DeAnima Unblended Gianni Pegoretti Italian carbon bikes Italian custom bikes Italian steel custom bicycles Pegoretti

We went to NAHBS 2018 to show off our Blacksmith Cycle bikes, but also with another primary mission – to help fully launch DeAnima Cicli in the U.S. and Canada. Proudly, representing Toronto, Canada, we returned home with three prestigious Show Awards: 2nd Place in the Campagnolo Contest for the DeAnima DeFer Steel road bike Winner of the Steve Hed Humanitarian Award for Gianni Pegoretti's personal efforts, and Third place in the NAHBS Presentation Award, for overall brand recognition, display, and execution For media coverage coming out of NAHBS, please see the fantastic photos and descriptions from some of the...

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Fifty One Road Disc - God is in the Details - NAHBS 2018 Blacksmith Cycle Bikes - 3 of 5

FiftyOne FiftyOne Bicycles FiftyOne Bikes FiftyOne Bikes Canada FiftyOne Bikes USA FiftyOne Road Disc FiftyOne Road Disc Bike FiftyOne Silca FiftyOne USA NAHBS Silca Award Silca Award Silca Award 2018

Our third NAHBS 2018 design was a show-stopper, built by the recently blowed-up carbon experts at FiftyOneBikes from Ireland. Check out our model info here. First the gold-leaf Conor McGregor bike, which raised the roof, and now this...we are honored and appreciative to say that for our collaboration with FiftyOne, we took home... First Place in the Silca Award at NAHBS 2018 Mainstream media coverage: I'll let the proper journalists show off this beauty much better than I can ever hope below for coverage from the champs at: Bicycling - 27 Stunning NAHBS Bikes BikeRadar - Three Stunning Road Bikes from NAHBS BikeRumor - Lightweight Disc From...

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Stelbel SB/03 Silca Edition - NAHBS 2018 Blacksmith Cycle Bikes - 2 of 5

Blacksmith Cycle steel Silca Impero custom pump Silca track pump Stelbel bicycles Stelbel bikes Stelbel custom steel Stelbel SB/03 Stelbel SB/03 Review

Next up is our Stelbel SB/03 Silca Edition, with matching Impero Ultimate frame pump along with the original track pump used in Stelio Beletti's workshop 30 years ago! Thanks for Stelbel for making this a special build of their renewed 2018 race model, and to the Silca boys for supporting NAHBS in a major way. For those of you who are new to the brand, click this link for the full review of the SB/03 model from CyclingTips, which received the highest rating of any bike they have ever tested. Builder : Stelbel Name : Silca Track Pump Homage Model : SB/03 [3.2 version]...

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Cherubim Care Bear Camo All-Road - NAHBS 2018 Blacksmith Cycle Bikes - 1 of 5

Cherubim Cherubim All-Road Cherubim bicycles Cherubim bikes Cherubim Gravel Bike Cherubim Uli

Behold the first Cherubim All-Road ever built, a collaboration between Blacksmith Cycle and the Japanese workshop. Check out coverage from The Radavist for John's incredible photos, BikeRumor Tyler's additional pics, specs, and build details, BikeRadar for Josh's detailed review, and CyclingTips for James' sexy side shot! And two huge shout-outs: first to the Rolf Prima Wheels crew for hosting the bike in their NAHBS booth, and providing this awesome set of carbon tubeless wheels with purple ballistic coated hubs. Second to the CeramicSpeed team for providing the custom OSPW system and BSA BB for this build. See below for our Build Details and full Award Submission which...

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Disc Brakes - a 1-year test with a No. 22 Great Divide Disc

About a year ago we built customer and friend Seetoh Lang a No. 22 Great Divide Disc. Below is his bike, and his thoughts. Thanks to Seetoh for the words and photos (with help from his friends)..."When deciding on a new road bike a year ago, I was nervous about the idea of potentially switching brake systems. I’ve happily ridden thousands of miles on caliper rim brakes, and they’ve been tried and tested by riders for decades. But my experience with disc brakes on mountain bikes got me curious - how would the all-weather prowess of a hydraulic disc brake system translate on a road bike?...

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