Construction craziness – PART 2 of 3

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As promised, Construction craziness - Part 2 - will feature:
- Chainsaws (!)
- Blackboard paint
- And soooooo much more
Little Brother Al's reward for the hard work? A CHAINSAW!
Our reward? Chalkboard paints!!
Hanging the temporary lights and getting ready for painting
Upon closer inspection...not pretty
There's our spray gun...and that's how you paint a ceiling!
Tagging the phone and internet lines was...very difficult
Roof now secure, but do not try this at home.
Space planning with big plastic bins
The results of the chainsaw work...a bike rack!
Choosing reclaimed wood for our desk was FUN...thanks Canadian Salvaged Timber!!
Found an awesome metal worker for our racks and displays...Steve at Salvage Interiors
Videos of indoor bike riding still pending.  I am a blog rookie.
Here is a spy-shot of me keeping fit on the indoor my Primal Tuxedo ;)
Working hard, or hardly working...slowly getting back into shape
The Herman Miller chairs are in!!!
Can't wait to show you all more soon! We are still working like mad for an April 30th soft opening.
Best, Mike

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