Lactate Testing

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Unlock Your Potential with Testing

It's Not Just for Pros!

Personalized Insights

Obtain personalized insights from Andrew through in-store lactate threshold performance testing.

Areas for Improvement

Pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize training time.

Focus Beyond Peak Values

This isn't solely about achieving peak values; save that for your regular group ride!

Embrace Opportunity

Don't feel intimidated; see it as a chance to unlock new experiences and understanding.

Our New Coaching Partner

Meet Andrew Randell.

We are stoked to welcome Andrew Randell to the Blacksmith community! Andrew will be offering testing and information sessions at the shop.

As a former National Road Race Champion and a seasoned professional cyclist, Andrew now shares his expertise as a cycling coach through Sans Chaine. His focus is on guiding athletes in having cycling as part of their daily lives, optimizing performance while balancing work and family. He understands that not everyone is aiming for the Olympics, but shares a common passion for cycling!

Why Lactate Testing?

  • Lactate is a fuel source in the body.
  • Efficient use of lactate correlates with better performance.
  • Lactate testing monitors lactate levels in the blood.
  • Higher lactate levels are associated with less sustainable efforts.
  • Trend lines from samples illustrate changes in effort during the test.
  • Analysis of these trends helps identify training zones.