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ENVE Smart System Wheels - In Stock and AMAZING

For those of you in the dark, ENVE Composites are making some of the finest carbon products in the world - stems, handlebars, seatposts, rims...and now their unbelievably aerodynamic Smart System wheels. First Velonews gushed, then ProCyclingNews swooned. Bottom line, these are the most aerodynamic wheels in the world. Plus, they're light, stiff, and look absolutely killer. Available in 60/70 mm rim depths (the 6.7's) for the bigger boys and 30/40 mm (the 3.4's) for lighter riders or those looking for a real climbing advantage. Our take? Having ridden the 6.7's on my bike (below), I can say these are certainly stiff, and smooth (though 25mm Vittoria's help), but also ridiculously easy to handle in cross-winds. In fact, they feel much more like a 30mm rim when the wind gets gusty, but with the aero advantage of a super-deep wheel...just awesome. [caption id="attachment_903" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Pantani Nero with ENVE 6.7's...sooo sweet"][/caption] We have both in stock now! Retail is (officially) $3310 CAD for a set with DT Swiss 240 hubs, but custom builds are also an option so please drop us a line with any questions! To purchase a set outright, check out our e-commerce 3.4 Tubular sale page, drop by the shop or shoot us an email!

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