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BOTD # 14 - Independent Fabrication Corvid

Bike of the Day #14 - Independent Fabrication Corvid Independent Fabrication, out of Newmarket, New Hampshire has long been one of my favourite frame-builders, and I've often mused that I would go all Lance and give my left nut to own one.  Fortunately I somehow fumbled my way into Blacksmith and could forego the sacrifice of the family jewels and still end up on one of my all time top ten bikes. Here she is, the IF Corvid.  Fully custom, with bladder molded monocoque components bonded in tube and lug construction.  6/4 Ti drop-outs, ENVE fork, bb30 standard. [caption id="attachment_1143" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="IF Corvid. So gangsta, murdered out."][/caption] The Build : Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed, 53/39, ENVE Smart 6.7 with Vittoria Corsa Evo tubulars, full ENVE cockpit and seatpost, Fizik Alliante Carbon railed, Handlebra leather bartape. Zero Gravity Brakes. [caption id="attachment_1144" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="ENVE 6.7, so hot right now"][/caption] The Ratings… Ride-quality/Comfort: 9/10 Front-end Stiffness: 8/10 BB Stiffness: 8/10 Style/Aesthetics: 10/10 Technology/Weight/Value:  7/10 Total = 42/50 [caption id="attachment_1145" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Appropriate stem slammage"][/caption] The Good : Fully customizable carbon options, including UD or weave tubing.  Amazing blend of classic styling and modern technology.  Fantastic ride quality, stiff when you ask it to be, soft when you need it to be (dare I say vertically compliant yet horizontally stiff). The Bad : Going custom isn't exactly inexpensive, but it's still certainly well within a respectable price range of bikes in this category.  At a suggested MSRP of $5500 USD, it's cheaper than a lot of super bikes.  It's also not the lightest frameset in the world, but ladies look better with a lil meat on their bones. The Skinny : She's just gorgeous.  Something to really sit and stare at for a long time.  I get the same feeling like in highschool when I wanted to ask a girl to dance but was super scared that she was out of my league.  Turns out that all she really wants is someone to walk up with a bit of confidence and make a move. [caption id="attachment_1146" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Just look her in the eye and ask her to tango"][/caption] Much like my Colnago, I'm in love.  And it's not cheating, it's more like polygamy.  There's an understanding between the three of us that we all have to share and share alike. In that spirit, this lil baby is available to be test ridden if you come down to Blacksmith and ask nice.  Your very own custom carbon Corvid could be in the making, as well as any other of IF's amazing bikes. (Review of the TiFL soon to follow) Paul (Bike-Pile)

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