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BOTD #21 - Scapin Style

Today's bike comes to us via Italy and Umberto Scapin, a builder that puts together Angelo Columbo's tubing and builds a bike that is comfortable, stiff and beautiful. The Scapin Style is a steel-carbon hybrid, reminiscent of a classic lugged bike with contemporary styling and ride characteristics. OS carbon downtube, OS carbon seatmast (!), shaped carbon stays on a carbon Columbus fork, mated to a Columbus Spirit triple-butted steel spine make this bike both a looker and a performer. Hands-down the best feature of this bike is that carbon seatmast, connecting the rider directly to the BB while also providing just enough flex to soak up the road chatter. The Ratings Ride-quality & Comfort: 10/10 –adequate feedback from the road but the subtly suspended saddle makes it very comfortable Front-end Stiffness: 8.5/10 - the downtube-headtube junction with the carbon inside the headtube really makes this a tight front-end BB Stiffness: 7.75/10 – that big oversized BB lug and campy's chorus crank keeps it stiff, but this is not like an all-carbon unicorn Style/Aesthetics: 9/10 or 5/10 – love it or hate it. I love it. Technology/Weight/Value:  8/10 – the technology is pretty old, but the oversized tubing, triple butted steel, under 18lbs mass (with pedals, cages and a bell, chorus11, 303 clinchers) makes this a great bike. Price is up there. The Good: Rides quick, responds when you mash the pedals and smooths the road out. The Bad: Cut once, adjust up to an inch seat-mast makes this only your bike, the fork is nothing special and the weave of the carbon may be a little dated to some (how about UD tubing next year?) The Skinny: Get this bike as your go-to for weekend riding, gran fondo participating and flat road drag racing. The XL weighed in at 17.15 lbs with those portly 303 clinchers so you could easily make this into more of a climber with a set of shallow, lightweight wheels. Around $6,000 for this build.

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